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Interior Design Trends: Gray & Brown

Interior Design Trends: Gray & Brown

Gray and brown are two neutral tones that I love. Some may feel they are drab and can lend in bringing down ones mood but I find them to be rather edgy and cozy. If there is the need for some cheery colors then some can always be added as these two tones. To show that the two tones are not so gloomy, I have rounded up some nice looking items. What are your opinions of gray and brown?


Interior: 1, 2

Intermezzo Dance_in_night.

nonacid Saul

white_rain Colonels_Camo

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I love grey and brown together. They are actually the base colors for my apartment. they work wonderfully together. I also have neutral green-yellow and a smokey blue in the apartment as well. I then have used bright versions of the green and blue to liven the space up.

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