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Color Inspiration: Wallpaper From The 70's

Color Inspiration: Wallpaper From The 70's

Straight out of the 70's, the aptly named German based company, Wallpaper from the 70's, is the source of today's color inspiration.

The good old wallpaper is back and she dressed to impress. She put on her patterned clothes and brightest colours. This way she first became the star in bars and clubs and it didn't take long until more and more new friends invited her home. And those who have ever shared the privacy of their home with her don't want to let her go.

Surely, we are all wallpaper enthusiasts, actually even old pals who have known her since our childhood days. That's why also her other mates visit our shop. And they all have one thing in common: They enjoy the style of the 70s and chuck out their white walls to get a thrill from the wallpaper.

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WOW..., Seriously thank you for this blog!


These are incredible. Thanks!!


This is great! I have done a Retro serie, inspired in the 70's wallpapers and some objects! *_____________* Love the Oldies!


Oh, how fun! What a great post idea. Thanks!


What is with the narrative being in the feminine gender ... a translation issue? *chills up my spine.

Anyone who was >15 yrs old during 1975, please raise your hand.
groovy man

Could not agree more!


Made...of...win! I'm in love with this post.


My Grandfather designed bedspreads from his factroy in Los Angeles back in the sixties and his designs looked a lot like these, pretty fun! I still have one piece of cloth from back then he gave me. He was inspired by Peter Max. I wouldn't want these up in my living, but as a backdrop to other mediums they'd be cool.


@Joyseline - the feminine pronoun used might have something to do with the fact that wallpaper in German is 'die Tapete' which is feminine. But I don't think it's a translation error, I suspect it's on purpose. A bit weird.


Wow, gorgeous stuff! Lovable and very inspirational! :-)







Dear Evad,

Thanks every so much for assembling such a great collection of wall papers.
They're very dynamic.
historic at the same time.
Great Piece Here.
Great Blog,
Thanks Again.
I'm going to have to re-love this blog often.


wow... i knew there was some crazy wall papers from that era... bu neva realized how beautiful some of them were...

thanks for the VERY interesting blog

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