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Sitting Bulls Wind Rose Pattern Sitting Bull's Wind Rose pattern is a southwestern blanket style on the second page of simple shapes. rotten was the designer and this is his name for…
2 Lovers1 Conversation0 Palettes0 Colors129 Patterns
restyourwings Jewelry box
1 Lover0 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors0 PatternsThis group is private
SitePoint Forums Members Group A group for the sitepointers!
1 Lover0 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors0 Patterns
meine Meisterwerke 'meine Meisterwerke' means 'my masterpieces' in German, and that is what describes this group - a place where I put my 'masterpieces'. You can join to…
3 Lovers1 Conversation0 Palettes0 Colors1 Pattern
! sanrio cute - `(^0^)` * the colours that we've grown up to. express it with cute pinks & bam blues. not all sanrio ~ any cute anime colours. :)
52 Lovers2 Conversations117 Palettes4 Colors95 Patterns
Polka Dots In this group I will post a color every other day or so and then you must create a pattern or palette that contains that color. And then before I put …
39 Lovers3 Conversations298 Palettes4 Colors102 Patterns
Hawaiian Aloha Let's think about colors of the Hawaiian islands, from the wonderful oceans to the green rain forests. Don't forget about the amazing rainbows!
12 Lovers5 Conversations48 Palettes358 Colors109 Patterns
Yes we can! The group for obama lovin'
57 Lovers10 Conversations116 Palettes68 Colors123 Patterns
Mock Republic The Marvelous Mock Republic of Tany and Sabbi and whoever else is awesome enough for them to invite.
3 Lovers0 Conversations2 Palettes3 Colors0 PatternsThis group is private
Random Acts Of Kindness If you believe in paying it forward, Karma or any other belief system where helping another person or living thing without benefit to yourself can hav…
9 Lovers4 Conversations54 Palettes1 Color79 Patterns
Lockbox of Love A place to show off our best work; the palettes, patterns, and colors we're most proud of! Thank you!
65 Lovers2 Conversations1,080 Palettes98 Colors2,380 Patterns
Moonisgone My color palettes and patterns
1 Lover0 Conversations7 Palettes1 Color5 Patterns
RGB Color Cube three dimensions Mine are displayed as 3 palette series of 15 colors (00 omitted in one dimension instead of making 4 palettes of 16 colors). I am working with hexadec…
2 Lovers1 Conversation26 Palettes1 Color0 Patterns
Hue Light Saturate Color Wheels I am making several color wheel series, primarily varying the hue degrees, but also modifying lightness and saturation to be different for each wheel
2 Lovers1 Conversation24 Palettes0 Colors0 Patterns
SHECTRUM All Sarah's favourite's spectrums, pattern and palettes §°_°§
1 Lover0 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors5 Patterns
Excuses for not going to work Workplace excuses ... I am loading excuses from a large collection. You may have also heard of some novel ones. We may consider other types of excu…
5 Lovers1 Conversation32 Palettes45 Colors44 Patterns
Stained Glass It's not all church windows. Louis Comfort Tiffany comes to mind. Illustrations would be helpful. Beveled glass? Painted Glass? colored glass? Sure.
12 Lovers2 Conversations13 Palettes1 Color400 Patterns
1 Lover0 Conversations17 Palettes0 Colors24 Patterns
ColourProstitutes The focus of this group is about getting paid for designing palette. This include idea on whom to sell our palettes, auto-print-production of our art…
3 Lovers1 Conversation1 Palette0 Colors0 Patterns
sed I'm glad you know as much about computers as you do, genuinely. Come join the massive cataclysmic hug that is web 2.0 and lose yourself (or let us los…
1 Lover0 Conversations0 Palettes0 Colors0 Patterns

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