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Haiku Palettes & Poetic Patterns

Created Jan 27, 2011

Haiku Palettes & Poetic Patterns











Haiku poetry is small enough that color names, combined into palettes, can be read as a poem.
Bring your poetic pen, named colors or selected existing ones to compose your own original Haiku or use an existing poem by someone else to inspire your color choices. You can even combine your colors with colors of others.
If you are not a poet, why not make a pattern from one of our haiku palettes?


2012 - 04 HPP Poetry Month & Contest

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A Poetry Month Haiku Palette Contest – April 11, 2012 – April 29, 2012
Congratulations to albenaj, whose “Dew Droplet” poem-palette was the winner of the Fresh Start Contest. Her poem will be used as the example for this contest’s guidelines.

Your entry should be a new palette from scratch. Poetry of any topic is the theme. Everyone is welcome to participate.
At least two color names in your palette must have been written by someone else. At least one color name needs to have been written by you.

The poem must be your original work. Nearly everyone who writes color names has no idea that it might be used in a haiku palette so the work that you do combining of color names to create your haiku poem-palette is 100% your own original work. The poem and your name as author should appear in the palette’s description with the Haiku Group Badge. Submit the palette to the HPP group (by checking the Haiku Palettes and Poetic Patterns box before saving). Please read or review the HPP Group guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Although your Haiku may be 17 syllavbles, the color names in your poem-palette do not have to represent all of the words in your poem. For example, if you were making a palette using albenaj’s winning poem, an acceptable entry might have color names like this:


As always, please write the whole haiku in the description of your palette.
All color names should be a part of the poem. Extra words may complete your poem but color names should not have extra words that are not a part of your poem.

Color names should match the poem or haiku as closely as possible. The colors in your palette should support, reflect or agree with the message of the poem.

On the 29th, the contest will end and judging will begin.

This is a poetry contest 1st and a palette contest 2nd. Entries must be displayed in the Color Text format (see Tutorial Thread in the HPP Group and example below) so that those who view the palette experience the words and the colors at the same time (and do not evaluate it on color alone). You may ask a fellow COLOURlover to make one for you.

ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED AS HTML COLOR TEXT. There are many ways to present your poem and its colors at the same time. Some color/text images are HTML code-only (simpler to make), while others involve additional technology or websites and tools outside of COLOURlovers.

When I made trophies for the first contest, I had trouble with color-text displays that were not HTML code-only. So, for this contest, please make your entry using HTML code-only. If you want to make a more elaborate display to put in the comments of your palette and to thank people for loving, that’s fine.

An example of a recent color-text display (I copied from Nim_design) is below. You will notice that I did not put the colors in the same order as they are in the palette. That is OK for you to do, too, as long as you use only thi colors in your palette. Click reply and copy the code below my name then replace the hex codes with those in your palette.

In order to do well in this contest, you want people to write a comment about your poem-palette. Loves will only be considered if there is a tie.

Comments about the poem in the palette will be counted and judged before Loves. Comments by other COLOURlovers who write about the poetry are very important in a contest like this. Your own comments on your own palette will not be counted. In past contests, I have seen lots of “COLOURlover Spirit” demonstrated by entrants who comment on the entries of their competitors.

Love clicks will be counted after comments and used to break ties and to consider entries with no comments.

At the end of the month, the poems will be ranked and added to the April HPP Anthology. If needed, up to three COLOURlovers who are not in the contest will be asked to review the poem palettes for ranking selection of the Top Three including the winner.

The prize is top billing in the April anthology and bragging rights, of course. If you have questions, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing your excellent submissions.

Keep creating beautifully,


Artist Emeritus 11
by ketisse April 2, 2012

Now is the time
in silence I grieve
for you.
Where can I find


I am still participating but it is just because I like to share my HAIKUs and wish everyone in the group join the contest as well.Good luck.Hugs))

Bright stars are blooming,
Fine pollen showers the sea.
Mermaid lullaby.

Albena J

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I still love you
Even though you
was your socks
in Pinto Bean pudding.
by Symea

hygene poempsd

American Women

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I love you Earth HPP
I love you

Beautiful Earth

Imagine Peace

peace on earth

flowers are in bloom

I love you
Beautiful Earth
Imagine Peace
Peace on Earth
Flowers are in bloom

Haiku by Dawn 2012


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