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I love that you guys make it easy to license things as creative commons, but I'd love it even more if you could filter search results by license.

To give you a little background, I'm mostly a "lurker" here, I like to grab palettes and patterns to use in my side projects. Some of the projects need a "Commercial use is allowed." license while others are intended to be free, so any CC license would do.

(And yes, I know I could contact the creator and that a lot of them would gladly give me permission.. but when I'm just trying out ideas, this would help me get off to a quicker start.)
Great !!!
I'd love this option! I like to make stationery and would LOVE to use some of the pattern templates on CL with my own palette colors. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!
I realize this is an old post but I do not know what is meant by license in this instance.

Copyrights accrue automatically to the creators of works once converted to a tangible form-- printed on paper, painted on canvas, recorded on tape, published to a forum like this, etc. It helps if there are ever infringement or conflict issues but copyrights do not have to be registered. Copyrights for individuals last their lifetime plus 70 years. Unless specifically assigned, the copyright holder retains all rights for use of the intellectual property.

Licenses and assignments may be broad or specific. They should be in writing. Clip art and stock photographer are good examples. Licenses (and associated fees) may be granted to use images but perhaps only for specific purposes. Most clip art discs had fine print that said you could not use the images for commercial purposes---websites, letterhead, etc.

I guess there is nothing stopping you from exploring what different patterns on this site might look like but once you commit your modifications to the exact pattern to some tangible form, like posting them here or printing letterhead with them, you are probably violating copyright law.

Just be careful assuming a license is broad enough to cover your use. When in doubt, contact the creator of the work. Just because something is on the internet does not mean you have the rights to use it. Some would like to see this changed but they are clearly not trying to make a living based on intellectual property. I guess they want musicians, authors, artists, architects and all to work for free so they may have access to their work.
Hi JPC, you're spot-on - the creator holds all copyrights unless they grant someone else a license. One of the features of the COLOURLouvers website is that creators can specify a "default" license that is automatically granted to any one who is interested in using the pallet/pattern/etc.

(For example, if you look at - on the left side under PALETTE LICENSE it says
CC-BY-SA with a link to the full text of the license and a brief summary of what the license allows and requires.)

What I'm requesting is a way to search for other pallets that have a default license. Something similar to
Yea, and the Share-Alike part is optional. (Actually, I'm not even sure why I selected that; I just switched it to CC-BY now, which is a bit simpler.)

That FAQ is kind of confusing.. I think the settings page here is pretty straightforward though:

And, yes, CC licenses are for life.
FAQ kind of confusing? And overall the compatibility issues with 3.0 or only part of 4.0 minus 2.1 and divided by 1.3 expected in 6.3? Stuff reads like a software development team is trying to work out licensing agreements? Nothing against that I guess. I am just not accustomed to it.

Dunno. The setting page is simple but does it really cover the different licensing options? As I understand it the share-alike is not optional under at least two of the license categories: Share-alike commercial and share-alike non-commercial.

We also seem to be wandering from the subject of your thread. I realize I started the diversion. I find this discussion interesting and perplexing.

Back to the beginning, I think your idea to be able to search by license a great one. Whether there is anybody to implement the suggestion is the question.
Just chiming in that I would also love to be able to narrow my searches to only licenses I can use.
Agreed! Came to colourlovers looking for good resources for commercial games and websites, and was stymied by the search function. Allowing easy searching by license would be a huge boon to this site, and would keep people from accidentally treading on a colour lover's copyright.
I can't believe this isn't a feature yet.
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