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Quick love buttons!

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This is an amazing idea. like srsly. so listen.

1) When we browse palettes whether on people's pages or on browse pages, you know there's the funky enlarge effect? Yah. There totally needs to be a love and fave button beside too. Sometimes, we know FORSURE that the palette is going TO BE LOVED no matter what, so i want a quick love button.

so i can mass rate many palettes and patterns without loading the page. (/spoken like a true ratist)

2) can we have a longer and browsable action feed (that shows what we did) cos people like me have spazzes of amnesia and i needa refer back to something i was doing and i forgot. >_>
1. Good idea. We can work on a quick rate feature. (btw, I changed the spelling on a couple of your words... was hard for me to read it the other way. :) )

2. I'll see what we can do.
lol i see it! rapist --> ratist XD lol thanks for protecting my not so pure reputation! XD

and i'll be eagerly waiting to quick rape/rate!
THIS HAS BEEN IN MY BRAIN FOR OVER A MONTH NOW! :) silly. we have so many things we're working on and being on the team I hadn't even suggested it yet. :D thanks for speaking up @Faeleia I would REALLY LOVE THIS FEATURE! like... really REALLY.
I would really like a way to love all of your own palettes/patterns/templates. I mean, of course we love them, we wouldn't make them otherwise. So just my thought, a Love ALL option (for your own work)
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