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Wrong palette with new pattern

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Nan Keltie

I'm using Windows 8 and browsing with Firefox. Tonight (Jan. 6) I posted a new pattern called "Oh, P-cock Feathers!" It shows up on site with the right name and the right colors, but the wrong palette is showing up under "Description."

My new palette was named "Peacock in the dark, but the problem is that "Vintage rose & ivy" is shown as the palette for this pattern.

Can you help me?
Here is the link to the pattern and the palette that should be showing:!

Thank you very much!
Nan Keltie


That's very strange! You'll have to fix it manually. On your pattern page, click 'options' -> 'edit'. Once you're editing it will show you the description box underneath, replace the code there with the badge code for the correct palette :) Don't forget to 'save changes'!

Nan Keltie

Hey, I appreciate your advice. It's been fixed, thanks to your help! :-)


Oh good! Happy to help :)
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