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tiles getting cut

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os: win 7
browser: chrome

tiles get cut and or some parts of the design disappear. didn't use to happen.

see the thread below w examples posted in another forum,3,4364/Problem_with_uploading_pattern_templates_from_S2


Our problems with Seamless Studio need to be addressed! The pattern templates that we have created (some that have taken hours to make) are not uploading to this site correctly, and look cut up and distorted. My 15 day trial period expired a few days ago, and I'm not going to spend money on a program that has these flaws. I'm really disappointed in the program and the lack of technical help, and the lack of response. I want so much to do more with the program, to use my creativity, but I cannot with the way the program is.
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Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 13 minutes ago
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Hey, lovely people, let me ask you a question: do you ever experience the CL+ toolbar button fading out and saying Not connected for prolonged periods of time while you can browse COLOURlovers without any issues?
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 33 minutes ago
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 1 hour ago
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And had a wonderful time. Wendy and her husband took me there, hey have such a nice place and her husband Bill is really nice too. I've been so depressed so it it was very therapeutic to go!

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