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Seamless Studio Won't Work

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In the last week, I have bought Seamless Studio twice.I download, get my key (I have 3) CC & P it in place, get the green check mark and click on complete registration. Then, the software opens, however, NOTHING happens. I cannot click on anything. It won't even close the program! After paying $29.00 and another $19.00, sure would like to have software that works as it should. My computer runs Windows 7 and I have the newest version of Firefox. I have this same program on this computer before and it worked great. Thanking you now for helping with this. Peaches6


I have the exact same problem -- Windows 7, latest updates, and it worked well for a while on same PC when I first installed it, but then started crashing. The crashes boot me off Windows and force a restart. They occur most often when I'm working with streaming video, and the crashes stop when I uninstall. When I reinstall they start again and with increased in frequency. Now I have nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, Seamless and my task manager say the program is installed and running. When I click, there is no visual.. Please help!

Peaches6- did you have any other problems with Seamless before the no-go? Did you find a solution?


Did the problem ever get resolved?


I have same issues but the color palette will not pull up and i HAVE paid version.


Did you use the contact form on the support page to get help? =(


I've gotten my Seamless Studios to work- but not in a Windows browser. If I want to open Seamless on CL and/or create palettes, patterns, write comments or do anything else, I need too use google's Chrome browser. (That's my choice, I haven't tried any of the other browsers.)

Also, I had to re-download and re-install Seamless Studios to my PC through the non-Windows browser. This works fine for me and I hope it works for someone else!


I downloaded my Seamless Studio through Firefox. I've been trying to upload my templates via Firefox. No Joy. Also, see below.,5,6534/Seamless_Studio_ImportingUploading

I sincerely hope they are working diligently on a patch for this...
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