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Kinda Can't See My Profile

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Hello Colo(u)rlovers people! Ok, so here's my problem:
I don't know if it's the website or my computer, but currently I'm unable to get into my own profile. I can see everything else: my notifications, notes, etc. but I cant see my own page. As for my computer, I have an ASUS and my web browser is Microsoft Edge.

Ummm... that's about it, I think. So if you could tell me what's happening I will very much appreciate your help. Thank you!


I don't know how to fix this, but my main ProwlOwl has the exact same problem as you do. Hopefully there is a fix for this, if there isn't I reccomend making another account. Good luck.
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Posted 2 days ago
Haha, posts to this thread are even disappearing. Some kind of general database error?
Posted 3 days ago
Huh, newest glitch: Photocopa refuses to publish a palette when I use an apostrophe in the title.
When I save the palette without the apostrophe, it publishes just fine, but it will also not let me edit the title to correct the spelling.

EDIT: Also will not save a comment when you use an apostrophe.
That explains a lot.
Only, it does not. WTF?
Posted 5 days ago
Lovenotes are broken, as Eighteyed and I mentioned earlier.
Right now, I have four notifications about received notes, but they are not in my inbox.

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