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'Loved' palettes?!

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graphicidentity and others - if you go to the search pages you can display all of your favourite palettes/patterns:

(The palette/pattern search page comes up by simply doing an 'empty' search from the little search form available on all(?) or most CL pages at the top. For patterns simply pre-select the pattern icon and do the same thing.)

When there, enter your lover name and tick Favorites, sort by whatever suits you best (probably Date Added) and click on the Search button.

I don't think there is a way to display 'loves' as such. Anybody?

And to add my two cents, I don't think the whole search linkage thing is done too intuitively for some users.

graphicidentity wrote:
Tiffer777 wrote:
I have spent all day here trying to figure out how to find all of my old favorites. Why would such a great feature be so buried?
Not to mention I had an RSS feed of my "favorite" palettes and that is gone, replaced with only the palettes I have made myself.
I have loved COLOURLOVERS for many years and I have raved about it, but I really don't care for this new format. The old format was so much more inviting and friendly, and I prefered the darker colors in the background, as opposed to the white. This new layout is very sterile and much less inviting. There is no "eye candy" feeling like before..... Sorry, that's just my humble opinion...

I have faved so many palettes too and I thought what I did was similar like bookmark or something. But then now just a short grid of palettes on my profile page.
I think it means that I wasted time browsing many palettes here :(
Couldn't use them instantly, when I need them.


This is very annoying, it's the whole reason I made an account on this site. I spent a long time searching palettes and clicking the love button expecting to be able to see them all when I came back. Please fix this so we can get our collections back.


Oops nevermind I found them, I was under the 'colours' tab instead of 'palettes' on my profile.


I have the same issue I would love to be able to go back and look at the palettes I have loved. :(


Hey Maskarran - from your profile, click on 'Loves' and then tab to 'Palettes'. It will take you here:



Hey there thank you for that!
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Posted 16 hours ago
Posted 18 hours ago
I am still getting it in comodo dragon when I am trying to access tumblr blogs.

This webpage has a redirect loop

ReloadHide details
The webpage at has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.
Learn more about this problem.

They say about cache, to clear cache, I have already tried and is not working, searching about the problem I found a forum where not just one person said they contacted tumblr to fix it.

I am still getting it because I didn't contact tumblr yet, I think I told them enough problems...

And it was my blog so the only thing I did I was very actively ... after a long pause..
Posted 20 hours ago
Yes I was wondering why I couldn't access her account, but if I remember correctly, I have come across this once or twice before with other users.
eighteyed wrote:
I don't think she's a spam account. I think she has a glitched account, which I have seen a few times here. Here's what I wrote:

To: Lady Witch Fraya
Just so you know, no one can click on your home page. It's a rare bug that can happen here. And worse, the site administrators won't be able to fix your account, because of all the spam and other issues that take priority. If I were you, I would make a new account, and tell everyone you have interacted with that you have a different account name. I don't know what is happening with your homepage, but if people can't click, they can't friend you. I'd like to be able to welcome you to the community... but I can't. So welcome, in an informal way!
Best Wishes,

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