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I/O error (2032)

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Thanks for the information! Would anyone else think that a way to 'pitch in' is a thread where someone passes on what the part-time mods/coders/admin are saying about the site? I, too, was interested in the sponsorship & other things, and I think that I am one of many that would like to be informed with what's going on with the site. If there's a thread, I think it will help us all be patient and keep on coloring on. Just a thought.


Thank you Matt and Chris. You rock big time.


OMG you guys rock! Yay! Thank you a million!


IO error (2032)
I read the above comments and unsure if anyone resolved the question about the error. I am trying to figure out what the problem is. Is this something that I need to solve on my end or is this a problem with Colourlovers? Who do I contact to resolve this problem? Is there a Mod on this site that can answer my question? It is discouraging to read that the comments above are dated a year back. Hopefully this is something that can be taken care of in a timely manner.
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