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I'm sure this is a dumb question, but....

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I'm very new to Colourlover and do love it for sure. I can make a basic pattern shape using the site version of the Seamless Studio. What I don't understand is how to upload your own designs (png, jpeg?) AND how to use the Shapes (under Browse) that others have already created/uploaded. Is that not allowed? As with many things technical, I understand just enough to be confused! Any help would be appreciated. (If there is a Help section on this, I've missed it).

Thank you!!!!
Hi, Tracy. Welcome to CL. :)
As far as I know, shapes cannot be imported through the Seemless Lite software on the website. As for using other members' shapes, I'm not quite sure but it seems off limits as of right now.
So, do people create designs in Photoshop or something similar and upload to the site? Some of these patterns I see surely are NOT created with the Seamless Lite. If so, that's really awesome and way more talent that I can muster!

Thank you!!
As I Light version U cant import shapes...I make templates using Seamless Studio (not the web version:) and make my shapes with Inkscape for example...but people probably use other progs also...and also use free shapes from thats why their shapes are more complicated :)
But there are also some awsome shapes made in Light :) practise makes U more master :)
I'm not sure if download is permitted in seamless studio. What I've know is importing shape in seamless studio is allowed. Anyway, like you I have to master that more.
Good information, thank you!
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From what I’ve been told, the most effective way to reach them is through Twitter. Try that!
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Not to sound as though I'm the expert here, but,
when you sent your rant, did you post on their Facebook page??
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So, I guess the response to complaints about the ads and lack of communication by the staff here is to stay completely quiet and ADD even more ads! It would almost be comical if it wasn't so darn sad....

I feel like I'm talking into the wind at this point. *sigh*

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