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Is it possible to edit a template once it's saved? I've created a couple of templates that I like but that have some errors I'd like to correct.
Thanks for any replies.


Short answer: not directly.

The only way to edit templates with seamless lite is if you get in the habit of saving all your layers as a 'shape' before you publish. It's a little icon that IIRC looks like a pentagon with a plus sign. Then you can open that shape in a new template, size it, alter it and republish the updated version.

It's a little easier if you purchase Seamless Studio - you can simply download your original template .ssf from the site, open it, edit it and re upload it.

Unfortunately, that means you can't change your existing templates unless you made a shape backup. ...Trust me, I feel your pain. :)


I have been away for a little while... but just to chime in here, there is a post on using the shapes tool here in the blog that I did when we first launched it - there is a helpful video on using it:

Hope that helps Prax also had a great answer. :) m.
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Posted 23 minutes ago
i find this spam business extremely annoying. does anyone know if this is something that can be addressed through changing the pattern publishing process, maybe by making it impossible to publish a pattern in gray-scale? i'm not very well versed at all in how this site is programmed, so maybe i am off base here.... i just find it frustrating to find our community cluttered with the same gray-scale patterns again and again, ad infinitum. out of all my pattern templates, there are two templates in particular that keep getting used as spam.... easily more than a hundred times. it's funny, but i think i would be significantly less peeved if they at least bothered to color my templates before exploiting them... silly of me, i know.
Posted 34 minutes ago
From This Page:


Browse Palettes:


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Souls Alight

Posted 36 minutes ago
Thanks! (0:

eighteyed wrote:
DB, I designed this game so nobody had to take turns. Nobody's palette depends on anyone else's, so there's no order they have to be in ^_^
Posted 3 hours ago
DB, I designed this game so nobody had to take turns. Nobody's palette depends on anyone else's, so there's no order they have to be in ^_^
Posted 3 hours ago
Anyone wanna take a turn?


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