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Hi All,

Is anyone familiar with resources I can use to determine specific colors that have been proven attractive to different industries? I'm working on a new project and I can't find any background information and/or statistics to provide on chosen colors for different products to different market segments.

Any information would be very helpful as I dig may way to an outline on this one:)

Thank you!
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From what I’ve been told, the most effective way to reach them is through Twitter. Try that!
58 minutes ago
Not to sound as though I'm the expert here, but,
when you sent your rant, did you post on their Facebook page??
3 hours ago
So, I guess the response to complaints about the ads and lack of communication by the staff here is to stay completely quiet and ADD even more ads! It would almost be comical if it wasn't so darn sad....

I feel like I'm talking into the wind at this point. *sigh*

(Also, I sent a large rant about the virus issues and I got ZERO response. Thanks for the concern staff. I'm glad your concern for the users experience falls way below earning a quick buck!)

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