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What goes with cherry flooring

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I have cherry flooring in my bedroom. What wall color should I use? We have lots of natural light.


Have any photos of the flooring?


Is the floor too brite?


If you've got a lot of bright light, then you shouldn't need to be afraid of darker colors. That said, here are a couple pallets I've done that take a cherry wood sort of color into account (it's my favorite wood. :) )

Rich Orchids

Curled in the Sun

Zico Carloca has a good question- are you looking to tone down the floor, or enhance it's natural color?


I've got a lot of cherry in my house - floors, furniture, all the trim around my doors and windows. These are the colors I'm planning to use when I finish redecorating my living room.
Welcome to my home


Oh how I LOVE cherry wood! It has a beautiful golden glow that you don't see in any other woods. Anyhow... Thought I would weigh with how I would decorate if I had cherry floors.

With Cherry Floors


Actually, this is my bedroom color story. We installed the wide plank cherry flooring with matching four panel cherry doors about two years ago. At the time of the installatin our room was painted a beautiful rosewood color. I love blue and decided to go with a sky blue color for the walls because the rosewood looked terrible. Now, the blue looks terrible.
Our bedroom is located at the top of the stairs with double doors that are open to the rest of the house. I want the area to flow, with similar colors. The main part of our home, walls and ceiling are in a color called Light Coffee, sort of a goldish green color. The trim throughout the house is painted white.
I don't want to lighten the color of the wood. The other problem is that the ceiling is white. So, with the cherry floors, a painted wall and white ceinling it looks like terrilbe.
I hired a decorator. She suggested a purple color with a light grey ceiling and aqua highlights. My husband hated this idea. So, know I am back to square one again.
I loved some of the colors ideas. Thanks for the help


In my den, we have cherry floors and a white ceiling. We painted the walls ivory, which brightened the room. In our bedroom, our furniture, doors and trim are cherry. The carpet is a dark rose, the wallpaper is ivory/pink and I chose ivory curtains.
In your case, I'd try ivory and pale green with darker green & brown accents.

Restful Place


Let us know what you decide on. :) Would love to see pictures.

Just Perfect Color

When I suggest room colors I take into account when and how the room will be used. If you are using it mainly at night, then the fact that you have natural light in abundance is somewhat irrelevant. What other lighting to you rely on in the room. What are your color preferences? Whatever they are, get rid of the white ceiling. How we got stuck in the rut of painting white tops on living spaces escapes me. I would be happy to build a color wheel and post it for you. It would help if you could take a snapshot of the room and especially the wood. I did see that the room is visible during the day so will keep that in mind.
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