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Need accent color for bathroom (yellow with blues)

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I'm trying to make my apartment a bit more habitable, and to the end, I'm trying to paint some furniture, get some new towels, etc. for my bathroom. These are the base colors that I've generated for the palette. They're based on my yellow walls (which I can't paint) and an indoor/outdoor rug I recently bought to cover my disgusting linoleum floor.

The problem I'm having is in getting linens: I've brought home two sets of towels and neither matches either blue in the rug very well. They're both muted, milky blues; the lighter shade is a tad aqua, and darker more or less indigo. But the aqua I got was too green, and the indigo I got was too purple/red.

I thought it would be good to have one more color as an element to avoid this entirely. I'm thinking complementary (red, not orange) because it is an easy color to match and I've seen a ton of navy and yellow and aqua and red.

Alternatively (although I'm not a pink person), a shade of pink? Coral?

Or should I just do white? :( Don't want to, but getting sick of this trial and error. I live downtown in a city and don't have a car, so I'm doing most of this online. Spending hours trying to find the right color and failing.

Red, pink, or something else? Thanks all!
If you're stuck with the aqua-ish stuff you've already bought, you could go that end and purposely buy things in varying shades of bluish-green/green, so that it looks on purpose.

As for reds/pinks, I think my vote would go towards either a brick red (not primary, a little more subtle and desaturated) or a coral or salmon.
No, thankfully I can return it.

I think you're right about the desaturated red. The colors in the rug are pretty creamy (desaturated?), so ixnay on a true red, which is unfortunate because it is so much easier to find.

Thank you! If you have any specific color suggestions, would love to hear them.
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