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Color scheme with new bakery

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Hi all. New to the site and need some color advice. My husband and I are opening up a bakery and We're having a super hard time finding the perfect colors. It has a small entry way that opens up into a pretty narrow hallway. Off to the left is the room I'll be baking in and displaying My goods, it measures 10'x20'. There's also a 2nd room that also measures 10'x20' that will offer seating for those wishing to sit a spell. Both rooms can be seen from the entryway.
I started out with cupcakes but adding muffins, scones, croissants and fresh breads, along with teas and italian hot chocolate. The name is Baby-Cakes Bakery so it's not too formal, more fun & hip.
I hope I'm not being too forward by asking so much-being a new member and all but this thing really has Me stumped. I thought picking the colors would've been the easy part. Boy was I wrong.

Thanks in advance for all the help,


Congrats on your new place!
Thats how I found this site too- looking for paint colors
you'll find a million options here, its great

I know red tones make people want to eat, so I came up with touches of fuscia, maybe a stripe or accessories, I think thats kinda hip,
yellow makes me happy and I think of cupcakes also

The cutesy bakery in my town is also yellow, and they do very well

good luck !

a happy place

The Cooler

I love tofriday's palette! here are a few palettes I found by searching for "bakery"
Cuddle Bunny
The Bakery
colour bakery
bakery window
Confectioner's Trio


Ack! We're painting a business as well so I feel your pain It all seems to be about looking for colors and combinations that are attention-getting without making anyone's eyes bleed, especially the people that are there working all day.

Kabuki Mouse

Powered By Tofu

Milk And Kisses

Mourning Dove

Corn To Bourbon

First Furisode


your gravity


If you sell chocolate croissants and bread I suggest this scheme:
New Bakery
use strong colours sparingly just as accents - cups, rims, logo, chairs.
You can choose two of strong colours and use them with beige and yellow - they all go together.
I also like this one which Cooler has sugessted:


i always wanted to own a fantasy bakery. this is how i imagined mine. warm neutrals with lots of teal and just a touch or red accent. i have to have a red in almost everything i do.
bakery science

then there's the warmer, earthier approach:
bakery science 2


and here's one from a while back, just for fun. ;)
food is chemistry


My favorite food colors -- chocolate and mint:
Mint Surprise Cookie
And I think this palette, by katemess, would be wonderful in a bakery:
Pick me up and run


ooo I'd love to see a cheery bakery in the colors similar to lizcrimson's "science palettes" those are beautiful! I especially love the first one. but then.. when I think about it the second would probably be more appropriate for a bakery since it will be catering to both males and females and it would be something that would appeal to both instead of the more females like the first would. & it feels so warm; just like a bakery :D
bakery science 2

good luck with your place & congrats! I wish you lots of happy customers :D
I know I'm hungry already just reading about the things served ^^


Even before reading the name I got a strong hit of "pastels". Not sure why! I wish I had time to do more but here ya go!

baby cakesbaby cakes 2


Ah! A little more time... So... I got a feeling of light and airy when I read your request. Here is another attempt. light and airytea in bed


I found this one that might be good:



Made a few!

Baking Love I

Baking Love II

Baking Love III

And a few of the brilliant ones from others ...

let them eat cake

Cake 4papertrix

berry kiss vanilla v

isolated sunshine



oh yeah... like the "let them eat cake" one very much for that!


liddle_r wrote:
oh yeah... like the "let them eat cake" one very much for that!

i agree.


and i hope nobody does this in your bakery, but the colour scheme was quite popular:
stealing cake


wow there are some really good suggestions in this thread!

here's my take:

Romance NovelistSex and IntelligenceWright's FairyCyprian Brucie


going through my palettes and found... creamsicle dayeat mecaramel cornlove transition
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