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The Alphabet Palette Game! ❤

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Next word: morning


Please, when you reserve a spot, state the following alphabet word, so someone else can be working on that. ^_^


Great job, Petunia! :D

Next word: October


May I go next?
Next word: Pale

Oops looks like we have a double October palette. I'll just post mine anyway too. Not sure about the next word though? Sorry it took me so long...


Shah...I finished this and then noticed that you had reserved October. I'm posting mine anyway, but it shouldn't count in the sequence, and you keep the next word: Pale. Is that fair, everybody? Or should the rule be that if you miss the boat timing wise, your palette doesn't count?

Next word: Pale

Luna Rosa

I think as long as it doesn't upset the flow (the next word is still pale) then both of you posting your palettes is perfectly fine, there's more for us to love:)


Next Word: QUACK
I hope the next player doesn't kill me! :)

Luna Rosa


Next word: Splash



Next word:ubiquitous


Next word: Venus

eighteyed wrote:
Well, I offer here and now, an unnamed color to anyone who falls short in this game. Just message me about it.

I also have many unnamed colors, feel free to suggest names!
my unnamed colors



Next word: Wicked



i suggest the word x-ray, there are 7 pages of it :)

Luna Rosa

Go nuts:)

agussgut wrote:
Can i do yard please?

Luna Rosa

It's amazing how quickly we get through the alphabet. Here is the badge code and the previous words so we don't accidentally use them again:

* Copy And Paste Badge Code

Apple Aster
Boat Bold
Chimp Cat
Dancer Drizzle
Enter Embrace
Flighty Freedom
Gulp Gallop
History Hash
Indigo Incident
Joy Jam
Key Kite
Lonely Level
Moon Morning
Night Nectar
Owl October
Precious Pale
Quilt Quack
Rose Rain
Sweet Splash
Travel Tentacle
Universe Ubiquitous
Velvet Venus
Wacky Wicked
Xylophone X-ray
Yearning Yard
Zebra Zap

*Don't forget to tag your creations AlphabetPG and to check that the word has plenty of pages of colours before you nominate it (p.s. from now on x words don't have to start with x, just contain it).

* The word we're up to is Zap
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Posted 15 minutes ago
I was thinking along the lines of "Holy snack cakes, Batman!"

eighteyed wrote:
Good grief.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 42 minutes ago
No such thing as good grief but in psychotherapy circles.I am still not over my pets dying. I miss my Mom at times too. She taught me much about how to look at color.

I really know you mean well and you are pissed. I guess why not vent here? If other comments take you more in the direction you expected? Hope it works out for you.

You seem vibrant, creative and energetic? Sure this is the cause meant for you? Sure you can see possible outcomes at the end of it? I don't see any benefits at all to shaming people on a worldwide, internet, quite public site like this.

That was all I was trying to convey, long winded as I can be.

I wish you no harm or discomfort. You seem nice and passionate too---but with a bee in your bonnet that you need to decide how much attention and emotion you can spend on it. .
Posted 57 minutes ago
Good grief.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 1 hour ago
eighteyed? Are you absolutely sure where the lines of intellectual property fall? I certainly do not mean to corner you because I really do agree with you. I admire you for starting this thread and venting. It cannot head anywhere good though unless people pick up some torches and ptichforks and storm some castle.

And please, how can there be an internal campaign on a site like this? I breeze through it without logging in. Does that make me external and not able to see shaming going on? I don't think so. This site reaches people all over the World.

Of course I despise the concept of people stealing IP and I live off royalties to a point. A color or color scheme itself is not protected by a copyright; unless represented in graphic or visual form and first creation can be established. I guess near everybody could file suit against others on this site for plagarism. I could learn to be angry like you for all those who find my hues, and values of them, for purple and lime green.

"Hang them," I think. We have not had good family entertainment on weekends since we stopped the practice. Most of the bandits you suggest plague the site will be lone wolves. But what if they have baby children, puppies, and kittens? Do you really want to see the adults they loved shunned on a color sharing site? Of course I joke but I don't see shaming people in public, ever, in any way, a good thing.

What sends me into fits is people who suggest whatever you find on the internet, you are free to use with attribution. If it shows up in forum comments here, why would you expect others to even think twice about "borrowing" colors, patterns, or repeat designs? Please explain to me the difference.

I have family who are lawyers, and gone now, is a cousin that was a federal judge. She was extremely nice but clever. The first thing she probably would ask you is if you brought a federal IP sort in front of you?

How many songs do you have on your music player or phone? Do you pay for a subscription to something like Spotify? Did you pay for any songs you downloaded to your listening devices? She would just want to know as you claimed horrible damages resulting from someone on ColourLovers replicating and stealing a pattern design or color palette of yours. I don't think she would hold it against you since not pertinent to your case.

I am really trying to get through to you that you face more danger continuing on this shaming path of yours if someone reacts and turns back on you than you can imagine. Do you have money to defend a deformation suit? You do know you have to defend a lawsuit to some point, no matter how absurd, a judgement could be entered against you? Is this crusade of your really worth it?

If I were you, and I know it is hard, just drop this. I don't want to seem trite, snippy or cliche, but pick your battles. Suck it up and move on. It is going to happen more and more on any public site sharing creativity. If you cannot handle it, and I certainly would not blame you, leave ColourLovers. You will miss it though.

When the real war over all this starts? I will be right on your side or two steps ahead screaming, "For Creatives!", with my face cleverly painted and a sword held over my head like Mel Gibson did once in some movie. You are not getting me into a kilt even with pattern designs from this site though.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 2 hours ago
So, your are still considering options and you have the time do so for a bit longer?
Many color programs will let you import a photo, click your mouse, and they will kick back the percentage of color and digital codes for the pixels. Free and cheaper ones will only allow you to see so many. Mine is adjustable. I have mentioned it before, and I don't mean to hype it, but Color Impact is what I still use, all the time, in retirement to help family, friends and former clients stuck now. I think you can still try it full-featured for a time. It is only $30-40 for a license though.

Nice thing about things like fully configured Color Impact, or its competitors, is once you have colors abstracted, from say the New Zealand landscape where at least the background you want to emulate came from, you can be absolutely be near abusive in exploring them. You can build custom color wheels with a mouseclick. And of course explore palettes. Once you find one you like you can massage the values (lighter darker) of the colors you like. The blender will let you adjust the increments around both sides of the color wheel you built or let you see the line from one color to the next directly. You can even adjust color noise. Handy if you are looking for cool looking napkin color for your tables, or flowers that fit a color scheme.

One thing brides seem to experience these days is disappointment when having gone through what you are going through, they cannot find fabrics in the right color? People forget that places like Spoonflower are just spitting process color fabric dye. Their machines don't care if they print patterns or solid color on fabric.It is all CMYK to them. Just like your home inkjet but probably better tweaked for color accuracy.

I think Spoonflower, and others like it, only offer to print one side of fabric though. I have heard there are "perfecting" (carry over from the printing industry meaning a printing press could print both sides at the same time) machines in design centers around the World.

I am absolutely clueless about most fabric and thread stuff, save or how color gets in and those optioins. I had a person on staff that dealt with our clients into such stuff.

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