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The Alphabet Palette Game! ❤

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Next word: morning


Please, when you reserve a spot, state the following alphabet word, so someone else can be working on that. ^_^


Great job, Petunia! :D

Next word: October


May I go next?
Next word: Pale

Oops looks like we have a double October palette. I'll just post mine anyway too. Not sure about the next word though? Sorry it took me so long...


Shah...I finished this and then noticed that you had reserved October. I'm posting mine anyway, but it shouldn't count in the sequence, and you keep the next word: Pale. Is that fair, everybody? Or should the rule be that if you miss the boat timing wise, your palette doesn't count?

Next word: Pale

Luna Rosa

I think as long as it doesn't upset the flow (the next word is still pale) then both of you posting your palettes is perfectly fine, there's more for us to love:)


Next Word: QUACK
I hope the next player doesn't kill me! :)

Luna Rosa


Next word: Splash



Next word:ubiquitous


Next word: Venus

eighteyed wrote:
Well, I offer here and now, an unnamed color to anyone who falls short in this game. Just message me about it.

I also have many unnamed colors, feel free to suggest names!
my unnamed colors



Next word: Wicked



i suggest the word x-ray, there are 7 pages of it :)

Luna Rosa

Go nuts:)

agussgut wrote:
Can i do yard please?

Luna Rosa

It's amazing how quickly we get through the alphabet. Here is the badge code and the previous words so we don't accidentally use them again:

* Copy And Paste Badge Code

Apple Aster
Boat Bold
Chimp Cat
Dancer Drizzle
Enter Embrace
Flighty Freedom
Gulp Gallop
History Hash
Indigo Incident
Joy Jam
Key Kite
Lonely Level
Moon Morning
Night Nectar
Owl October
Precious Pale
Quilt Quack
Rose Rain
Sweet Splash
Travel Tentacle
Universe Ubiquitous
Velvet Venus
Wacky Wicked
Xylophone X-ray
Yearning Yard
Zebra Zap

*Don't forget to tag your creations AlphabetPG and to check that the word has plenty of pages of colours before you nominate it (p.s. from now on x words don't have to start with x, just contain it).

* The word we're up to is Zap
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I deleted the email addresses he gave. Beware Colourlovers!
Posted 1 day ago
You are so right!
Roma Majid Hara
Roma Majid Hara
Roma Majid Hara
Posted 2 days ago
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Maurie wrote:
Are this irritating full color adds here to stay? It's not even true what they portray. I am from South Africa and know all about these scams. Don't like the new outlay also. Just too much on one page. Sorry but I miss the old CL!!!!

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