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The Alphabet Palette Game! ❤

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Luna Rosa

Drive-by Guideline Update:

* Copy And Paste Badge Code

Words Already Used:

Apple Aster Adventure Alligator Apparition
Boat Bold Brittle Banana Buzz
Chimp Cat Comedy Calico Crinoline
Dancer Drizzle Dubious Dull Dachshund
Enter Embrace Eerie Excited Earth
Flighty Freedom Frog Fixate Fracture
Gulp Gallop Girly Gratitude Goofy
History Hash Herald Horse Helium
Indigo Incident Ice Itch Intuition
Joy Jam Jealousy Job Jump
Key Kite Kind Kitchen Kafka
Lonely Level Look Lust Lullaby
Moon Morning Monkey Madam Melange
Night Nectar Nausea Nocturnal Nightingale
Owl October Obsession Origami Oyster
Precious Pale Palace Polite Patience
Quilt Quack Quiet Quest Queen
Rose Rain Remember Radar Radio
Sweet Splash Something Spill Symphony
Travel Tentacle Tundra Touch Trigger
Universe Ubiquitous Ukulele Undulate Urban
Velvet Venus Viva Venom Victory
Wacky Wicked Wonky Wind Waltz
Xylophone X-ray X-factor eXception eXplore
Yearning Yard Yesterday Yo-Yo Yelling
Zebra Zap Zoo Zone Zest

A few things to remember...

*Don't forget to tag your creations AlphabetPG
* If you reserve a spot then don't forget to nominate the next word so the game can keep going.
* Remember to check that the word you nominate has not been used already and has plenty of pages of colours before you suggest it.
*From now on x words don't have to start with x, just contain it therein.
* If you get stuck and need a colour, eighteyed and Rabenbaeckchen have been generous enough to donate some. Just click on their names above, select the colour you want to use and message them so that they can name it for you. I don't have any spare colours to hand but if I'm online while you're making your palette, feel free to send me a message and I'll create the colour you need. Don't stress, we're pretty flexible here:)
* Have fun!

Current word: Ashes.


Hi, decided to play too :)
Next word: Empathy



Next word: Flush


I'll take Flush.



So fun! Luna, I love your word summation up there. 5 words for each letter, now. We could make some super alphabet palettes, and use those five words in a palette! Bonus round ^_^


This sounds fun!

eighteyed wrote:
So fun! Luna, I love your word summation up there. 5 words for each letter, now. We could make some super alphabet palettes, and use those five words in a palette! Bonus round ^_^



Next word: Icarus, if that's ok for you :)



Next Word: Jupiter :)



Next word: Kaleidoscope



Next Word: lemonade



The next word shall be: Octopus


Sorry this is late! Damien woke up.

Next word: quill
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Posted 9 hours ago
I guess our default strategy now is ctrl+a, ctrl+c on a comment just in case we lose it without it being posted. Last week I had to re-write a comment 3 times before I learned. :P
Posted 12 hours ago
eighteyed wrote:
My one wish through being patient while the bugs are worked out and the spammers run off is that management would make a short statement.

Posted 1 day ago
I am all for being patient while much needed changes are made to the site, but the complete absence of communication is very disturbing.
I feel it is a lack of respect towards the community to just leave us worrying and guessing every. bloody. time.

We have sat out weeks of CL not working because of DoS-Attacks, we've experienced several (for us: surprise) shut-downs as updates were implemented, we have grappled with the buggy fallout of many of these updates - and never a comment, a warning, a heads-up, an anything from anybody in charge.

Are we not worth being informed?

And now I sit and wait to see if this comment will actually be posted. I have not been able to comment anywhere, not even my own profile, for days.
Posted 2 days ago
Came back after being gone for 2 years to this disappointment, Also, once again, experienced issues with Seamless Light errors. Captchas are a pain in the butt (especially when they make you click though 3 pages of pics); however, I understand the need for them.
Posted 3 days ago
Trixxie wrote:
Have you tried another browser, like Google Chrome? I just tried Firefox and BPM (basic palette maker) worked fine and BPM also worked fine with Chrome. How about Photocopa? Have you tried making palettes that way? I'm just trying to help - I know it can be frustrating.

I understand you are. We're all frustrated. :)
I seemed able to make a basic palette in IE, but some of the pages on the site (like the homepage and login) take so long to load that they occasionally just lock up and stay blank. Other ones load quickly. I don't have Chrome on this computer, - I'd have to try it later on my laptop when I can access it.

TBH, I don't think I ever used Photocopa for my palettes. It never quite did what I wanted, and 90% of my palettes aren't based off photos.

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