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Posted 44 seconds ago
DinkiDi wrote:
Me: Are you aware that advertising from your company is currently spamming an art and design website called
Dave: Hello! My name is Dave
Me: hi Dave
Dave: Where do you see that ?
Me: Does you company endorse spam advertising of its products?
the site iS
it's a community for artists and designers
yesterday someone created an account there and since then has been putting up an endless array of spam ads for your company
Dave: Not aware of this at all
Me: I can make you screenshots
it's giving your company a terrible reputation on the site I can tell you.
Dave: Would be great if you can provide with screenshots
Me: doing it now
Dave: Thanks
see all the ones I circled in red?
that is the spammer for your products
if anyone clicks on one of those, it redirects to your site
they have put in some sort of malicious code
atm they have almost brought the site to its knees
nOw, this is a big, worldwide community of artists and designers
Dave: Oh, I see now
Me: so I'm sure as a reputable company this is not what you'd want
Dave: I can tell you for sure that it is done not on our behalf. Most probably some of our affiliate wants to get more traffic. I will report this information to our managers
Thank you for this information
Me: thank you very much. It seems you have an affiliate doing you a lot of damage
I hope you manage to fix this
I'll let our community know, Dave
Dave: Are you related to this website anyhow or you use it as an artist?
Dave: Cause I see that it is done by account SpyMan
Me: yes that's the name the person took
I use it as an artist
I don't have any relationship to the site
just thought I'd try to see if we could do anything, as the spamming is driving us all nuts
Dave: Got it. Sorry for that. Hopefully would be fixed soon
Me: thanks again. Nice talking with you Dave
Posted 8 minutes ago
daca inca ai contu de ce dracu faci altu
Posted 14 minutes ago
stai, ce am scris
sau la ce ma gandeam oare
aa da... ca tu ai viata reala cu care sa te lauzi pe aici
si ca nu esti activ pe 20 de conturi incontinu
Posted 15 minutes ago
bine ca existi in realitate, in acele locuri si nu ai cont pentru a spama aici caci sunt eu
Posted 21 minutes ago
Quuestion: Why so many spammers here ?
When I joined, 2 years ago, I have only seen a guy from my country writing some mobile phones stuff, but he didn't seem a spammer and I think he is still here (just offline).
And yes I miss that time when I didn't know people here, and they were making 1LP for loving their stuff.
And now, many left and spammers are coming.
And that Tony Umeria is an old stuff, he just came back. on second part.

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