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DKre8ive1 wrote:
I got inspired to do these drawing after having spent some time creating some color palates here. So I thought why not share them with the rest of the community.

I really enjoyed making them and hopefully you will enjoy looking at them,


Thanks for taking the time to post these, DKre8ive1.
They're delightful!


Fabulous.... Thanks for posting these!
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I agree about OkayButWhy and and-again, and I'll add
to the list.

Edith: ShadowApple12 is one of the accounts I initially connected to Erika & Co last summer when it was created, but they have mostly remained quiet and have not been on very often since the end of the summer.
I can't tell for sure, but the wording in the profile definitely looks familiar, and it fits the pattern of several other (mostly deleted) accounts which I had been watching back then.

After Erika & Co were briefly banned last year, and then allowed back, they made a slew of new accounts but these, and some extras which they already had, remained pretty much dormant, the busiest of them maybe creating a few things every few weeks, and not really drawing much attention to them.
(The person in question was probably busy trolling other forums...)
Anyway, behappy is one of those accounts.
Made last June, active until maybe July or so, from then on a few palettes a month, before for whatever reason about 2 month ago or so, she started turning up the volume, both in output, and in attention seeking, and gradually, more and more of those sleeper accounts started being used, and new ones added. And many miraculously found their way into her followers list...

Anyway, that seems to be the status right now.

As several of you have already said, it sickens me to be suspicious of people here, yet I find myself not trusting new members, especially those that claim to be very young and come across as very chipper, very involved.
And since there seems to have been a HUGE influx of these troll accounts since December, I am automatically wary of anybody who signed up in December or January.

I don't want to be, I am not naturally a suspicious person (believe it or not!), but I find myself closely looking over new members' profiles and the people they follow before I can bring myself to love their creations.
This is not a relaxing way to spend ones time...

What gets me even more though is seeing other, legit members, and especially those I care about, either not realize or not care that they are interacting with sockpuppets.
I hate seeing others being lied to, it's a pet peeve if you will, and so this is the big issue I have with these people.
Not that they are there.
But that other people unknowingly are friendly with them while they are essentially being taken advantage of by these trolls.

I have pretty much stopped communicating with most people on CL because of all that, especially new people.
This is definitely not the place it was when I first came here, which was not long ago at all compared to most of you.
Posted 1 hour ago
Edith: I find it sad also that we have to wonder about people now. It makes me angry even more so. And I, too, wonder about and-again. also.

I have done enough griping about things in the past and it caused a lot of hurt feelings, so I really wanted to avoid that this time. I find, though, that as much as I try to look past what's going on with these trolls/spammers/sock puppets and enjoy the site, I can't and I'm not able to keep my mouth shut about it.

Souldew: Nope, we have no moderation here whatsoever. People are expected to "work out their own problems", which would be awesome if we lived in a world where everyone could behave and think like civilized humans but we don't. So, yeah, that's why we're in the state we're in now.
Posted 4 hours ago
After a love-note conversation that clearcreek6 initiated, the conversation ended with this:
Originally Sent by clearcreek6
Thanks for the advice but me and my sock puppet like it here.
Posted 4 hours ago

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