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The COLOURlinkin' Game ♥ ♥ ♥

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This is a spin-off of "The COLOURlovin' Game" created by me, Sundancer. This game is very similar but slightly different.

It is a contest of sorts to see how many links you can get between previously created colors and patterns until you get to a color that doesn't have a palette associated with it besides the one you started with.

Here is an example: Let's start with the color Thermodynamics. We count Thermodynamics as number 1.


I look at ALL the palettes made with that color and pick my favorite palette. Stars Kiss you is number 2.


Then I pick my favorite color in that palette (besides the first color.) Frog Costume is number 3.


I keep on doing this until I get to a color that has no other palettes associated with it. I count the number of connections I made up until this point and write the number of connections. In this case, I got all the way up to 27 before I couldn't make any more connections. All you post for the next person in line is the very last color in the sequence, the number of links you were able to make, and a new palette for the lonely color for the next person to make links with.

Here's my last color:

And my palette for the next person to choose a color from:
27 connections

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to be giving love along the way as you discover new palettes and colors. The whole point of the game is to find new creations and give love to our fellow COLOURlovers! ♥ ♥ ♥
If you have any questions, please feel free to post them and someone here will help you. :-)


Ok, I try:

Last Color:
23 Connections


Last colour:
5 Connections


Only 1 Connection!


19 Connections


1 Connection
Haha! Look at the color names. It tells a story kind of... I didn't intend to do that!
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Posted 38 minutes ago
P A L E T T E     B L E N D

Posted 46 minutes ago
Look, guys, let's not talk bad about Hana, okay? I know you're only speaking of your own experiences and I know that what happened was pretty shocking, but it's just... honestly, it's not fair. And it's a bit offensive. You're talking about someone with, as I understand, mental illness. I'd really hope for some empathy. And not just for her, for the people in here, too. I'm pretty sure that while people have mainly gotten over the incident, there are a lot of things that can be said that still can hurt people and cause emotions to flare up again. And I'd bet that it can sound pretty condescending and insulting to those who really were (or even are, I'm not sure) her close friends. Nothing good can come out of it, so please, let's try to just leave that be. I'm not saying the whole incident should be a taboo, but just try to be kind to everyone.

Anyways, you touched on some subjects there that were, I think, very good points. And since people are talking about this anyways, I'll give a quick take even though I said I wouldn't. I think the whole change can be summed up with one word: commercialization. I'm sure it was done with the best intentions, but unfortunately some of those intentions were bound to take away from the community as it had been.

It's hard to explain, but slowly the whole essence of the site changed in many ways. It used to feel like everyone was in it just for the colors - both the community and the people behind the website. Jeeze, those people were a part of the community. Seamless (especially Studio; Lite was still so limiting that it was still just about fun and experimenting with its limits) made people care much more about things like IP and flooded the site with so much you couldn't follow anymore. The contests brought in competitiveness (which resulted in a bad mix with people protecting their patterns and everything) and caring about winning, etc. Then, we got the Creative Market, which finally killed all CL original content. Every article is nowadays about something to do with selling Community Market or other such products. Also, I have no idea who is in charge anymore, haven't for a couple years.

So, when originally we had a smaller, tightly-knit community of people doing colour stuff with very limited tools (just a few original patterns to colour and the palette tools), we then got flooded with content (that brought and created a larger, more disinterested, competitive crowd) on a site that had no longer catered to the little community's love for colour but rather for a designers' market.

When I came to the site, you could always thank someone for loves, they would respond back, you'd chat a bit, getting followers was a big deal - a hundred was a lot. Nowadays, there's just too much. These things don't matter anymore, people thank each other so that they can just get more clicks on their palettes. I do still meet lovely people here on occasion, and I love all the people I've gotten to know here over the years (and some have become honestly my most cherished, intimate friends that mean the world to me) - but nowadays the site is for me more a place to talk to those people than to actually love the colours. I do do that on occasion, but very rarely.

But like o2b so well put it, sometimes the community comes back, sometimes it fades away. Internet is a fickle beastt (is that even the right saying? :P)

áfrica* wrote:
Those of you who have been here longer than I have (I don't think I ever got to 'meet' Anna, for example), what do you think was behind the popularity of CL back then? Could we recreate some of it now? Were there more challenges that got people excited, for example? Were the people behind CL more active back then (it seems they're somewhat inactive now since there's quite a bit of spam going around)?

I loved CL in 2013 and I still love it now two years later, but if there was a way to bring more joy back to CL & have more people share their creativity again, I'd love to try it out ☺ It's the people who make CL so enjoyable after all, for me, at least.
To try to very shortly summarize my impression (that I said above but it might get lost): I think it was the small community, working with limited tools. It brought the inventivenes in people, which also meant that people worked together more building on each others' work :) (In love and harmonyyyy.... :D) And then later, as o2b so perceptively noticed, the work of Anna (ycc) and others who introduced and hard-workingly kept up those fun community games

And I still always have Cesaria Evora playing in my head when I see your name <3 ^^
Posted 57 minutes ago
Love you, too, Albena!!!
Posted 1 hour ago
Love you Linda-o2bqueen:))Salutations to all Colourlover fellows((hugs))
Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon
Posted 1 hour ago

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