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The COLOURlinkin' Game ♥ ♥ ♥

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This is a spin-off of "The COLOURlovin' Game" created by me, Sundancer. This game is very similar but slightly different.

It is a contest of sorts to see how many links you can get between previously created colors and patterns until you get to a color that doesn't have a palette associated with it besides the one you started with.

Here is an example: Let's start with the color Thermodynamics. We count Thermodynamics as number 1.


I look at ALL the palettes made with that color and pick my favorite palette. Stars Kiss you is number 2.


Then I pick my favorite color in that palette (besides the first color.) Frog Costume is number 3.


I keep on doing this until I get to a color that has no other palettes associated with it. I count the number of connections I made up until this point and write the number of connections. In this case, I got all the way up to 27 before I couldn't make any more connections. All you post for the next person in line is the very last color in the sequence, the number of links you were able to make, and a new palette for the lonely color for the next person to make links with.

Here's my last color:

And my palette for the next person to choose a color from:
27 connections

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to be giving love along the way as you discover new palettes and colors. The whole point of the game is to find new creations and give love to our fellow COLOURlovers! ♥ ♥ ♥
If you have any questions, please feel free to post them and someone here will help you. :-)


Ok, I try:

Last Color:
23 Connections


Last colour:
5 Connections


Only 1 Connection!


19 Connections


1 Connection
Haha! Look at the color names. It tells a story kind of... I didn't intend to do that!
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Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 5 minutes ago
Sorry this post got buried.

If you click on the palette or pattern you want to save, and then print, you will see options on the right of your screen for downloading it in different resolutions/sizes. I believe you can only save png images.

You will also see options to print them on fabric or to have them printed and framed by third parties linked to ColourLovers.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 15 minutes ago
In the Android world there are quite a few color scheme apps that can abstract colors from photos. I would imagine they have counterparts in the Apple World? When exploring Android options I typed in something like "color scheme" as I remember.

Unfortunately Color Impact, my go to program for color exploration, is only available for Windows as far as I know. It is nice because you can tell it how many colors you want to pull from a photo. It always gives you the percentage for each in the photo. Again, perhaps there is something like it in the Apple world? Windows has programs that let you type in a program name and ask it to find like programs. Apple must too?
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 26 minutes ago
Wonderful! I passed this on to a friend that is totally enthralled with his color programmable led, remote control light bulb (he is a physicist and loves toys!). The lack of light across the spectrum in his bulb would drive me crazy! He has trouble selecting colors with the color wheel spectrum tool provided. He needs to program it with RGB but he can translate from this easily.

Thanks for posting this.
Posted 1 hour ago
Posted 1 hour ago

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