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The COLOURlovin' Game ♥ ♥ ♥

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Here is a game I just thought of and I hope it catches on. I will post a color to start.
I look at ALL the palettes made with that color and pick my favorite palette.
Then I pick my favorite color in that palette (besides the first color)
Then I create a palette with that color in it and post it.
1.) The next player picks his or her favorite color from the palette just created and posts it.
2.) Then the COLOURlovers picks his or her favorite palette from all the palettes that use that color and posts it. (If there aren't any palettes with that color, make one and post it!)
3.) The player then picks a favorite color from that palette, and posts it.
4.) Finally, the player creates a palette using that color, and posts it.

The next player continues in the same fashion and so forth.

Along the way, you should be loving all your favorites, including the colors. Let's give a lot of of love to the COLOURlovers! ♥ ♥ ♥

If you like, you can add this badge (made by N I N A) to your creation with a link back to this forum so others can find where to play the game! :-)


I think this is a fun idea, so I'll give it a whirl!! :D



Obviously, I wasn't paying attention tonight because I picked the same fave color & palette as sundancer did...but with a completely different result. Next time I will watch a little more :D



Oh shoot I was too slow!!! Next time I should CHOPE!!!! I was still making my palette when the next entry was posted. Oh well! I picked Ill_be_holding_you
but I REALLY like the palette you got at the end, Shyster, so I'll try again.

CHOPE! (That means I reserve my spot and no one can post while I'm making my palette.)
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Posted 2 days ago
Haha, posts to this thread are even disappearing. Some kind of general database error?
Posted 3 days ago
Huh, newest glitch: Photocopa refuses to publish a palette when I use an apostrophe in the title.
When I save the palette without the apostrophe, it publishes just fine, but it will also not let me edit the title to correct the spelling.

EDIT: Also will not save a comment when you use an apostrophe.
That explains a lot.
Only, it does not. WTF?
Posted 5 days ago
Lovenotes are broken, as Eighteyed and I mentioned earlier.
Right now, I have four notifications about received notes, but they are not in my inbox.
Posted 5 days ago

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