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amyanne, you should have used the two colors freeflight provided and kept one of the others as well. (See freeflight's palette as an example -- the locked and kept colors.)
No biggy, but just so you know for next time.
amyanneerickson wrote:


I used hot rust and rustled up and entered the hex for hope but for some reason the color came out slightly different than hope...maybe I entered the hex wrong; either way it is virtually the same color :)




am I doing it right?
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Posted 3 days ago
Just received this email from "trustee11"
LOL just noticed several of you posted this same SCAM note.
God bless you and thanks,
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God bless you and your family,
Rev, Chris

I deleted the email addresses he gave. Beware Colourlovers!
Posted 3 days ago
You are so right!

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