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remind me of a young lady spending a lazy afternoon reading, having a cup of tea in cozy living room with her puppy sleeping at her feet.
Reminds me of a starry evening, a bit chilly, wearing purple mittens.
Reminds me of bright bathing suits on the beach! (Maybe it's wishful thinking - I wish it was beach weather right now!)

Hey you're right, evilfairies, it really does look like bright bathing suits at the beach! (And where I am living currently, it IS beach weather... if only there were a beach. It's all sand and no ocean here in the desert.)

Karnoug, yours reminds me of parents who are displaying paint chips together and trying to decide what to paint the baby's room. "Shall we wait til we know the gender before we start painting? If it's a boy, we can paint it baby blue with navy accents and if it's a girl we can paint it baby pink with cream accents. Oh honey, I just want to get this room painted now. Maybe we should use gender-neutral yellow and that way if we have future children of the opposite sex we don't have to repaint the room."

Reminds me of a soft feminine beautiful dancer. Savvy & smart. Quick on her feet (both mentally & physically). Enjoys all the finer things in life. She's witty, doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. She's a modern girl, indeed.

Reminds me of a little girl wearing a pink dress and a straw hat on a clear, sunny day...

Reminds me of spending a summer on the lake, camping, canoeing, enjoying everything nature has to offer.
roverraven wrote:
Someone sitting on the sidewalk with the new record collection they just got at a garage/ yard sale. =)


This color combo just hollers "vintage"
Reminds me of old school love-hearts candy.

Our local 219 flavour gelato palace!

A sales person at The GAP.

Reminds me of "Mainland China" restaurant! and apt name too!!

Reminds me of getting ready for a first date with someone who is extremely good looking.

Someone was formulating their evil plans in the middle of a twilight meadow filled with fireflies, while a gorgeous full moon rises.

An angry end lead to a new and beautiful beginning.
running shoes XD
beach towels!
Popsicles. x3
a really bad lecture and everyone in the room is just falling asleep.
cabin fever!
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