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I haven't wandered through Jackie's beautiful palettes and patterns in way too long! So many wonderful things – it's tough to choose, but I found two palettes that blew me away. And they're a little bit opposite:
sweetpea* is so feminine. Soft, smooth, and flowing – it moves right into that fantastic pink rose petal color. It's just so scrumptious, I want to taste it!
record* is warm and crisp – so masculine, mature, and sophisticated; it makes me think of high-end luxury.
I had a really hard time choosing my favorites out of all of these! Piahr's palettes are basically what I aspire to achieve while I'm here... I love all of the palettes that use blends, as well as the ones that use more whimsical colors (I don't know what the actual terminology is for using colors that have a softer, grey look to them).


But then I keep looking through and I see ones like this that have my favorite colors in the world:
I just love them all!
I really like this newest one, that bright purple/pink is nice...
and this... well, it has blue and pink. XD the colors somehow fit the name too... great.
and I like this because the purple with those colors is totally unexpected but looks good!
What stuck out to me right away were Shyster's Patterns! especially this one:

I really like the top color palette she has as well, because the colors are so different, yet vibrant and suited well for each other. It actually almost reminds me of something but I can't quite put my finger on it:


I also love this one. It's a palette that reminds me of science fiction or like some of the computer games I play. Not to mention the color blend is perfect.


Shyster has a ton of good palettes with really interesting mixes of colors, especially very playful colors that happen to go well together. I picked out some of my favorites but these are definitely not my only favorites. So, I've found a new person I'm going to follow! :)
I was drawn to these two beautiful palettes from metaliz:
They both use soft, muted tones, which I think are very soothing. Nostalgia is feminine, and makes me think of a rainy April day, soft suedes, and shy smiles. Guild Wars 2 is a bit more lively, and makes me think of crisp autumn days, apple orchards, and crackly leaves underfoot.
Even with the unusual widths and despite the fact that the colors don't melt into each other, the palette looks very harmonious. All colors are beautiful and I like their names, it makes me feel like it's an evening with lilac sunset and I'm eating a banana ice cream...
This one is not quite a type of palette that I usually like, but it struck my attention. The energy just spouts out of this palette! Maybe it's because of the orange and bright yellow, the two grays push them in the front. And the name is mysterious, π makes it even more cool =D

Oh my goodness! I'm completely in love with all of Aurelliana's palette's, though these two stuck out to me especially. What I love most about "Feels disrupted" is how there is still warmth even behind the cooler tones. "Boys & Girls" is equally dynamic. I don't really know why, but the successful combination of brown & violet really makes me smile.

I'm so in love with both of these. The colors are impeccable and definitely the songs that they are named after. These are two of my favorite songs, so maybe I'm biased. However, I think the colors are a great combination. In Moth's Wings, assuming it's named after the passion pit song, I really like how it is colored. The bolder color and movement of the overall template echoes back to the lyric "you come beating like moth's wings, spastic and violently, whipping me into a storm" even if only slightly. It's a bit bolder and conveys that emotion, though the overall palette is soothing and a bit muted like the song itself. Maybe I'm reading way too much into it, and if I am, it's still very appealing to look at!
Love the natural colors in this beautiful portrait:
Love the teal and the white contrast of this stunning jellyfish pattern:
Love the name & colors in this pattern... Can't wait for the Gatsby movie to come out:
Love the colors in this as well:
I love the softness of this palette. Green is my favorite color and I'm especially a huge fan of muted greens just like this.

I really dig this combination. The blue and reddish/orange ends really compliment each other and balance the greens. Love it! :)
Wow... moldypetunia's collection is like browsing through the classics. Everything there is timeless, ageless.

I did like this one the best though, because it manages to be both classic, unique and subtly exciting. I love high-contrast blends, and this one is perfectly suited. There's something about bold colours in juxtaposition with one another that makes even a warm-coloured palette look cool. (Both temperature-wise and attitude-wise.) This one's no exception. Great job!

i love this palette because it's so fresh and lighthearted.
plus, the name and everything... it's just a naturally optimistic palette.
This is a lovely 1LP with gorgeous Luna Rosa's colors. The word "softly" in the title is just the right one to describe this palette. Large widths make it even more fluffy. I especially like the combination of two orange colors.

First I was attracted by the colors, perfect red with equal widths on the sides looks great. And then I saw it's a ME palette with description of a dream breakfast! I would actually be happy to have one like this too =)

The depth and sorrow in this is potent... and has a soft, lyrical quality about it. So many of Aurelliana's palettes have a tender quality like this one, that has all the emotion of a dramatic watercolour. Beautiful!
This is the kind of colors i want in my room


Faerenach did a great job on this. it's very relaxing and calming... <3
P.S: palette name is awesome!
Now everyone knows I'm a sucker for green and orange (done well of course) and annoj has most definitely done it well! This palette is undeniably cool, it's like a tiger in the jungle, it has attitude. ♥ Love it!
how do i do this?

I think they did a great job, it looks so quiet and peaceful ♥ it reminds me of mint and the beach, i don't know why but i love it so much~ the browns and the greens blend perfectly and i think it looks wonderful~

I love the spectrum of both light and dark colors. I have been really attracted to tealish greens lately! Good work! <3!
I like the calm and softness about this palette. These are my favorite shades of violet, especially first three ones. A touch of mystery and sadness gives a beautiful result.
I really like the nice blend of pastel colors. It's muted tones reminds me of a lazy summer day.


This was another one that stood out to me. I really love how the orange blends into the nice pink color.


I like how the brightest colors are sandwiched by the more muted tones. To me that makes them pop out even more.

I really like your work with the peachy oranges. They really make these palettes beautiful.
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