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oops, seems like my post went missing ! (Trying Again)


Love the palette and the soft colors used. It does make it look a lot girlie :). its beautiful , pretty and i love it !!


Love this!


It is sooo preeetttyyy!!!! I just wish I could read the story behind it. The blues and pinks just draw me in and that tan is perfect! Honestly, these colors fit so well, both as a whole and as a theme. I'm really loving it!


simply amazing! usually it's the palettes with multiple bright/pale colours that catch my eye, but i find myself loving this one more by the minute! wonderful job :)



A gorgeous palette ! love the soft colors. For some reason this reminds me of a yummy cupcake :)


here it is.

Lots of love for purple and green.


I like how the darkness of the mauve dominates the palette then deepens even further into the deep teal. It is perfect for the title of the palette as it captures the darkness and possible torture that having to hold a secret can cause. And maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel?!


Opps.....messed up there. Posted a little after you did but didn't see that you had posted until I refreshed my page. So sorry madda!
I love the vibrancy of your palettes madda. This one especially because of all the reds. It makes me feel very happy and exuberant!



This is absolutely gorgeous! It's like the perfect choice of colours for this pattern, I'd almost expect to see this in a lot of kitchens going for the country farmhouse look.

Psycho Jello

This is an awesome game.


This makes me think of relaxing in candle light. It's so groovy and warm!


Falling, falling.. fallen.. I love this color combination. It's soft, and wonderful, and it really is about taking a dive. The cool colors are perfect for this :) Good job! :) x


This is just so bold and bright. It makes me feel all warm and cheerful. <3



I love this, and the palette from which it was made...


I find it soft and soothing to the eye.


This is so lovely, and I think the name is very fitting. It reminds me of a nice cup of coffee in a bright mug. (:




I love both of these rather much. Reminds of autumn oranges in the leaves. :)



Perfect mint greens and the grape purple fits in well. I also like the setup.


Butterflies? Leaves? I'm not sure, but I love the color palette and foggy grey background sits in well.


I think this is fantastic;

The colours pulled out are fantastic, and I love the way they gently rest on each other without upsetting the flow. Just beautiful.


This is very aptly named- it's so dramatic, and it really gives the sense of something big starting. The dark-to-light part feels kind of gradual, and the change to light is so sudden, and it really works! That's pretty hard to pull off. AMAZING palette, VERY well done, much love. |)


Hey Rover, you're one of these difficult lovers with way too many lovely palettes and it's always so hard to choose something... but this time I found it right at the beginning! Gloriaaa! :D

The colours and the title are just great. Looks like teenage jealousy scene to me. Not sure whether the jealous one is a boy or girl here... Anyway, I'm sure they'll make up with a kiss and go for ice creams in the end :). That's really a cute, cheerful and funny palette, Rover! ♥


You have such amazing palettes, Ola, that I had issues choosing just one!

Luckily, this one was pretty recent, so I didn't have to dig deep to find it.

this is just... perfect.
I love that shade of blue (My room is this color and I cannot get over how pretty it looks with a dark brown or a grey), and the pinks and pale whites contrast perfectly with that blue-grey on the end. The spacing of the colors and the overall mood reminds me of a vintage parlor, but remodeled into one of those hipster coffee houses where people sit around and discuss art. This palette is vintagely modern! (is vintagely a word?)

Psycho Jello

The colour lover above me is a spammer.
The last actual colour lover above me is the wonderful Eloraelle!
I chose this palette:
This is so far out! I love how the dark neutrals really make the red come to life. You can feel the heat of the sun in the red behind the tower (neutrals). Perfect title. Beautiful work.
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Worf Thaddeus
Worf Thaddeus
Hello Ana,

I understand the need to monetise CL, but the sexually charged, clickbait ads are quite offensive to many of us. Most of us who have been longtime CL fans don't want to come here anymore because of the ads, including the sparsely disguised ones in the community blog posts. The spam is still out of control too. I've been followed by six or seven spammers in the last two weeks and the forum is choked with it.

There is a negative history from the time AutoDesk bought CL/Creative Market a few years ago and collected our sponsorship money but gave us no perks. They left the site to die. That is when many of the strongest supporters left for good.

You will need to give us a far better experience if you want us to come back to support the site. I run a large Facebook group indirectly related to this site with CL members, and the consensus is that we don't like CL as it stands.

We would also like to be able to post large colourwork badges again, and would like the contests to return (money for you guys, fun for us). Also, could you make a mobile-friendly site? Many on CL use tablets and phones. We would like a better Seamless Lite/Studio and possibly a new ColorSchemer Touch app. Please, please make the blog posts colour and design related only. Look at Molly Bermea's CL blog posts from a few years ago. We don't want to buy windows or other things unrelated to colour.


editorCL wrote:
MsBunky wrote:
To all my dear CL friends....I miss you!!! I miss the way things used to be here, I miss the old times and the days when things worked and there were no ads, and we didn't have to worry about security issues...Oh, I how I miss it all!

I want to laugh with you and colour with you and create with you!!! I want to see your talented patterns and templates and palettes!!! I want to colour and match up beautiful creations!! I DON'T want to prove I'm not a Robot! I don't want to click how many squares have automobiles in them! I don't care how many squares have bridges, or store fronts or apartment buildings!!! I DON'T WANT CLICKBAIT ADVERTISING!!!!

I want my kind and gentle Colour Lovers just the way it used to be, and I want all my wonderful friends here to come back and play with me.

You can call me a dreamer, but that's what I want.

I miss it, so much.

I love you.

Dear all,

We are trying to work on more content that would be useful to all of you.
CL team is growing bigger and therefore we need to maintain a delicate balance between commercial side and user experience. If there are any constructive offers on specific changes, we'd love to hear those.
The new team is putting a lot of effort to rebuild CL website and make it a place all of you could feel at home.
Help us. We are open to suggestions. We strongly encourage it actually.

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