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a wonderful use of complementary colours! i can always appreciate a nice combination of light and dark, and this palette is no exception. :D


This is beautiful, makes me think of flowers growing in the spring. I love the reds on the blue. Just so lovely!


wow! i love this palette so much! the bright blues really stand out next to the creamy yellow and bold dark brown. it feels really contemporary. :3


palette: I love the fade of the greens and that little bit of soft red at the end.
pattern: Just love how much this one stands out.


a lovely play on neutral beiges and greys. also, i've never been able to get the hang of extracting a good palette from a picture, so i always make a point of applauding those who can! :3



I just love this one because it's so bright and fresh, and a little inspiring too. I'd just love this sort of colour scheme in my kitchen so much!


when i first saw this palette, i swear i could almost actually taste caramel and vanilla in my mouth! :o
it's hard to create a four-colour palettes that feel complete, but you've done it with this one!



Adore the orange and pinks! I would absolutely love a smoothie that had these colors involved! They are soft and blend really well together! <3 <3


This is great. It makes me hope that when I go to heaven there are angels who sing and serve orange sherbet! I love the blend of the colors! You are so talented you just make me wanna love all of your work. This is about the color lover above me correct? Not just the palette ;)!


when paired with the beige and dark plum, the bright reds convey a sense of urgency and really get your attention. this palette is named well and all in all, i really love it!


I love the ebbing, dreamy quality of the greens, followed by that sudden, summery pop of red. Beautiful colours, perfectly named. :)


Sooo loving this right here...


I cannot take myself away from the blend! (I try to look through a lot of the artist's work but this immediately caught my attention) I LOVE blends with blues and purples, and it is so bright, yet soothing and very inviting. And if you know me, I'm all about the name of palettes, and colors, etc. Not only does the palette have an amazing name but this...


It has all my love right now (it is the amazing stripe of color right next to the purple). If I could hug palettes, I would hug this one right now. Great job praxicalidocious! :)


SO, I feel like I should start this one off with a disclaimer: I honestly don't know if I've showcased this one before, but I love it so much, I just can't help myself. @_@
That being said...
I LOVE THIS!!! xD It's almost become iconic for me, in a way. I see it and I recognise it right off the bat. The colors are perfect. The widths are perfect. It's just so RIGHT. In its own right, it seems to represent all the drama it represents rather well, but at the same time, it's just so bright and exciteing! I mean, just seeing it in your archives got me all excited, lol! xD It's like running into a celebrity! My weirdness aside, it's just wonderful. Lovely. MUCH love for this! =D



I just love this. The peachy colours look so calming and serene and then there's the grey and the turquoise which gives off a 50's feel (which I just love on its own). It's a perfect colour palette for this summer.


I love the bluey greys with the dark colours and blood red. It's very rich and deep, I love the contrast. P.S - click the rotate button and it really pops!



Love the way the blues in between bring the first and the last color together. Seems very poetic to me! Gorgeous! Love it loads :)



Stellar combination of harsh and soft colors. The mint green and the brownish orange blend wonderfully!


a very interesting combination of bright red and dark greens and browns! they complement each other surprisingly well, and the title is very poetic-sounding and matches the palette perfectly. :)


This is lovely. Classic, calm, cool, nice, tranquil. And it flows seemlessley- PERFECT transition, which is not easy to do. Well played. =)


This is just beautiful! I love the heat in the beginning of the palette and then it turns to a calming blue at the end. Fabulous palette!
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