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@saya4 you were supposed to pick a palette from the person who last commented to rate! but since you didn't, i'll do it.
this palette. is. gorgeous. i love how it incorporates both light and dark colours in such an elegant way! the widths are perfect, and it is just overall very pleasing to the eye. good job! c:



This palette reminds me of cherry blossoms reflecting in a pond - very fitting, for this time of year! There's a beautiful contrast of the flirtatious pinks and that profound blue-green-grey of "Almost there"... I love it!



Huge fan of how this combo plays out. I really enjoy the purples and almost charcoal orange hues. :D Really, really good job!


I just pick my favorite palette from the last poster, yes?
These colors are absolutely PHENOMENAL together. I'm normally not a fan of mint green and I tend to hate purples that are so desaturated, but WOW. This is a wonderful blend of the two! Also, this is one of those palettes, with one of those perfect, "matching" names, that sort of slams into you upon first glance and when you look closer, you just can't describe how it's making you feel. (I don't know that this happens to other people...but colors get to me like this ALL the time, not even just on CL.)


This palette grabbed my attention right from the first look. Smooth, mellow, seashore colors with just a quiet pop of orange and turquoise. Then I noticed the title "Listen to me." A request, a plea, a command? This is one of those wonderful creations that the artist makes and then, when it's put out in public, the viewer is compelled to bring something personal to it – making it more than what it was. I love the orange – it speaks of a determined resolve that is incredibly strong, despite the first impression. Nice one!



The pattern hooked me, but the palette is worth looking at twice too. It's preppy but grounded, modern but old-school retro, eye-catching but laid-back. And looks comfortable with itself, which is pretty impressive considering all the contradictions I just listed! Very nice indeed!



( Lol! x) Yeah, I was looking for this... )
This is lovely- so soft, but rich and elegant. |) The first three colors blend really pretty, and those jewel-tone colors at the end really make it... GOIGOUS! ha-ha. x)


The one thing that I love about roverraven's pieces is that you can absolutely see that there is no fear of color, whatsoever! That being said...


I really love this! It evokes the lingering of thinking of a person as well as the hesitance that someone may have when they are admitting what they are thinking about. And the warmth of the colors definitely make me think that these thoughts are good thoughts, no matter how embarrassing they may be. ;) Great job on this one!


The choice of colours in this palette is completely perfect! The blend between the two greens is gorgeous, like you're looking at gold through a glass bottle. The soft dark blue adds a touch of melancholy while the other colours are kind of warm and beachy. It's just a lovely palette to look at ♥



I'm in love with the blends! I think it's really daring to use "blacklight purple" and hot pink, it's fantastically showcased! Edgy and fabulous, it has the spark of attitude that draws me in.


this is such a great light combination of brown and pink! it's so soft and refined, and the simple elegance of the palette just really caught my eye.


Reminds me of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. That's one of my faves ever. So this is great! ;)


I love this. |) It's so pretty, and yes, graceful. Those colors are just so great together, and they transition beautifully... that bright golden yellow in there kind of pops out and gives it this up-and-over kind of feel, for lack of better words. It's kind of like a speed bump, I guess, I mean it's dimensional and stands out. I'm doing a horrible job of explaining this wonderful phenomenon, so I think I'll just stop there, ha-ha. @_@;
Beautiful. Gorgous. AMAZING. |D


There is something so serene and peaceful about this that just makes me feel so at ease. It's like the sweetest gift!


I absolutely love this, SO much. The colors, wonderful. The blend, beautiful. The widths, amazing. Just like stupid little foolish games we go through in life, it's subtle at first, then exciting somehow, and dark. Great job :)



How crazy awesome is this? The starkness of the pea green looks really good with the electric blue! As if that was beautiful enough, add the warm purple at the end to make it look wondrous! Super job!


Love this! It has a super hero kinda vibe but also a girlie super hero. She's a bright successful woman. The red gives this energy while the green gives it certainty. Lovely!


I really love this palette, mostly since I can really relate to it this morning! :)


So beautiful and perfect blends. And that color "chilly" makes this palette for me. Flawless in every way, this definitely deserves to be one of the top 10 palettes here at CL.



White orange and blue make a lovely contrast.
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Thank you from me as well, Darius! We're all plugging for things on this site to turn out for the best. Hopefully this bumpy part of the road is over soon.
Posted 2 hours ago
Hi Darius,
Thanks for your efforts in combatting the spam epidemic here at the site. I'm a web developer dealing with legacy code myself, so understand that your fight is a though one. Please keep up your efforts, and hopefully this situation will be beat back.

I am currently not able to post anything on the profile pages (including plain text comments) since the 17th, and have not been getting the capcha for a while, too. It may be a bug with Safari, but I'll keep trying.

Thanks again, and good luck!
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Hey Darius - thanks for all the work to get the spammers under control. So happy to hear there are things in the works! I am enjoying working in new ways on CL while things are being implemented.

Wildfire2013 - No one can post any badges or links at this time. Just comments (text). That is part of the process of getting rid of the spammers. We all miss seeing the
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This made my day. Thank you so much, Bubs! ♡♡♡♡♡

COLOURlover wrote:
Hello Friends. Yes, the captcha for comments and disabling of links is frustrating... but we're fighting an unpleasant fight against spammers that have had free reign to spam the crap out of this site the past couple years... also who likely shut it down for a couple weeks with a DDoS attack. We've implemented some heavy handed things like the captcha to combat the spam... this isn't a long term solution, but thoughtful solutions that allow creative good intentioned folks to continue sharing the love, while preventing spammers who have a ton of resources, is not quick. It was only a several months ago that I took the site back from Autodesk and I'm working with a team that will have the resources to start making improvements and helping this awesome group of people get back to the community they love.
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Thank you for the update Darius.

I find the captcha thing slightly frustrating (mostly because I am part robot on my mother's side), but I'm delighted with the reduction in spam.

Now if you could just make a captcha algorithm that uses Colourlover patterns instead of photos, we'd be all all the patterns with butterflies, click the florals, etc :)

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