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First off, I love all of your palettes! You are seriously amazing with color!
But I especially love this one. (: It takes two colors (the first two) that I normally would think were quite nasty and turns them into a beautiful masterpiece. I especially love the pop of bright pink! It's so pretty. :D
This reminds me of something robotic...
glowing... gorgous. 8) The transition is so beautiful, and the colors look abosolutely stunning together.
This is great! ^^
Ya-Hooey, I got Rover! ♥
This is so pretty and whimsical! I really love the pale purples and the *pop* of bright blue is genius! This reminds me of dreamland! ^-^

* hugs this ♥ *
marvelous combination and widths !
i respect your style with great use of lights, shadows and colours.

i am transported to your world. it evokes all kinds of feelings and emotions.
* sigh *
Hana has such a wonderful collection that it's difficult to pick, but I chose this one
The delicate softness grabs my attention right away, and then, when I'm admiring each individual color, I'm reminded of flowers and candies and bath crystals – all sorts of things that smell really good! I love when colors have such a distinct sense of taste and scent! Beauty.

This palette instantly reminds me of autumn and the colors the local sumac takes on during that time. The colors are warm and intermingle perfectly. <3
Hey! Glad to be back and comment on this wonderful palette!


I absolutely love this! I have so much appreciation for palettes that showcase pretty pink colors with other neutral/darker tones. It really shows how sophisticated pink can be. And Almaa, I must say that you have quite the collection of wonderful palettes. This one just was number one for me as a whole. The name, the colors, everything worked for me in this one.

Very nice one. Love the blue-red game, intense and calssic.

I had a really hard time choosing just one palette since they're all really incredible. I love love love the command the pink takes in this palette, and when you compare the brightness of it to the more neutral and pastel colors, it makes for a great combination.
This is beautiful, reminds me of a fall afternoon in the woods.
I love this... it's very calming and somewhat mellow, but very visualy stimulateing at the same time. @o@ That's a crazy ballance, and it's done with rainbow colors! That's what makes this one really stand out in a cool, understated way. |)
Delovely... and the colors tell the story of a tree frog charming someone with music, ha-ha! Very spiffy. =)
this is just AWESOME. i'm always amazed by people who can incorporate more than two colour families into a palette, since i'm not very good with that sort of stuff, haha. the colour choices themselves are very nice as well, and complement each other so perfectly. :3
First this palette is amazing! A perfect combination of light colours.
SailMaker made the impossible possible. Combining two colours that don't match while only using the light shades of those colours is something that should be given applause for!
While the colours blend perfectly together, if you look closely it also stands out by itself. The transparency technique that I see a lot these days is also working with the palette. It's a perfect combination of Perfection :D

I really, really love this palette! The colors are perfectly fitting for the title and it is just great illustration without it pushing the limit. Its great soft colors but it has a powerful message with the widths and the transition from white to green. Very lovely! Great job Aiira! :)
i think this palette is simply beautiful and its clever use of bright and dark colours really catches the eye! the title reflects the colours extremely well, and the widths really complement them as well c:

I chose this one, as it's spring where I am and it's a wonderful ode to spring. My uni is BURSTING with cherry blossoms and the colours are all so vibrant and beautiful. This palette reminds me of them, and the widths are wonderful, the colours chosen are amazingly gorgeous and it just makes me happy. Love spring! :) Great job. x
Okay, this is just lovely. It is quite subtle but very striking with those watery (I mean that in a good way) greens against the dark browny/grey. I absolutely love willow trees, and this perfectly captures their serene quality. It's beautiful ♥
wow, i usually find simple fades like this to be quite bland, but i find myself liking this particular palette! the two colours chosen, at first glance, wouldn't look like they would go too well together, but it surprisingly works! the widths help enhance the fading effect, and the title fits very well! awesome job :3

this is adorable!! the sheer simplicity of this palette is perfectly balanced with the daring oranges. Like you said in the previous comment, the widths of the colors enhance the fading effect and it's a cute, quirky color scheme for anything - nice job!
Pennington wrote:
Love the play on greens and red there with the burgundy at the end. Very earthy!

Pennington wrote:
Love the play on greens and red there with the burgundy at the end. Very earthy!

I get a warm feeling from it. Love it
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Ah sorry, I should have chacked that... Anyway, I'm happy with the word you chose insted. Injustice is simply everywhere!
It's okay! Everyone makes mistakes sometime. I've got that once.
Ah sorry, I should have chacked that... Anyway, I'm happy with the word you chose insted. Injustice is simply everywhere!

There were only two colors when I searched up "iridescence", so I changed the word to "injustice". I'm sorry about it.

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