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I love this palette of Alya's firstly, because it's so incredibly dramatic; it just commands attention. Secondly, the big expanse of neutral beige in the center really illustrates choices, and perhaps indecision. And lastly, it reminds me of Galadriel's line in the Lord of the Rings, "The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little…" Nice one!
Well, there might not be that many palettes quite yet, but you don't even need that many when you have something like this!
One of those that the more you look at it, the more you want to look at it :) Simply captivating, with the radiant, bright purple in the beginning, a nice softer step into the dark in between and then a gorgeous contrast with a beautiful orange and one of the most stylish purples (especially next to that orange) I've ever seen :P It's just amazing how much energy this palette can have while still retaining a very classy and elegant flow.

Keep them coming! ;)
I love the innocent softness about this palette. It's warm, simple, and just completely appealing. The colors compliment each other so well and it reminds me of morning light. ♥

This is just so beautiful, reminds me of a August Morning!
I guess I like this palette so much because I'm impressed by Amanda's courage - she dared to use such an intense blue hue (I've never been brave enough to do it)! Also the contrast between the last colour and strong Barbie-like pink is very nice here, cleverly balanced by faded, giving a transparent effect tones. To sum up, it's awesome :D.

Something about this makes me want to jump off a cliff :*

lol just kidding. The muted colors in this palette give it a softer feel, but the vibrant blues don't clash - they meld with the greens and tans (I know from experience that that is very hard to do). The whole composition is perfectly balanced on the line between plain and ostentatious, with precise colors and beautiful hues. I love the contrasts, the tones, EVERYTHING!

I adore that shade of pink and the manner in which it mixes with the other colors. Wonderful!

Love the oranges and yellows...It is like the colors are helping you summon the courage to give someone special a handfull of flowers.. while at the same time so cheery and happy...Wonderful job!.
This is a palette full of energy. It gives an effect of competitive fire. Yellow is outstanding because it's almost like a game fairly won! Love it!

A perfect fashion to describe a romantic movie. The soft tones at the beginning and then the passionate pinks at the end. Wonderful work.
I love the complimenting tones in this piece. It really turns on the spunk and girlish velocity. :)
Reminds me of eating a sweet apricot on a warm aummer day out by the pool. That is exactly what I wanna do lol!

ooh, i love this. it perfectly captures the warm but chilly feeling of stepping out of your house on a day just bordering the winter, possibly after a rain when you're all wrapped up in a particularly fuzzy comfort sweater over your pyjamas. x3

Very cute. The balance of yellow and blue make it the perfect palette for a graduation.
Makes me think of a fantasy land. Possibly one in a fairytale.
This is so bright and beautiful and neon. 8) It must be a really fun song that you recognised, hm? I totally love it. |) It's so origional, and it practically GLOWS.
This is great. It's like a fast beat. Happy quick song lol. Can't describe it but it's beautiful!
This is beautiful :D
I love your palettes, and the yellow sets off the purple gradient perfectly. It reminds me of a wizard's hat - hence the title.


So maybe it's just the mouth-watering description of an ice cream sundae, or the real vitality of that cherry red and lemon yellow, but there's something so wonderfully earthy and balanced about this palette. Lovely!
Love the play on greens and red there with the burgundy at the end. Very earthy!
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