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Time to pat some backs!! I'm hoping that this thread will flourish, and become a lovefest of colour sharing.

The concept is simple. Look up the palettes/patterns/colours of the most recent poster (aka, the one above you!) and post any of their work that you love, and describe why you love it.

Let's share some colourlove!


Awww, what a sweet idea! I'm always up for a love-fest :D

I love this one:


Why? Well just look at it!! :D

I think it's lovely. The subject matter isn't quite as enjoyable lol..I've had a couple of bad camp experiences in my time LOL, all rainy and icky and too cold to swim, who loves that? But it's a fun inspiration, and brings up happy summer camp memories :)

But the palette itself is just stunning. I love how the colours are muted but still quite bold. And that blue-y grey at the end is fantastic. I wouldn't have thought to put that there, but it's a great idea! It works wonderfully, and really finishes the whole thing off right.

Beautiful job :D


it was really hard to pick but...


totally stuck out to me. it's weird, though, since i'm usually a fan of gradients.

i'm not exactly sure why i like it so much but i mean, come on, you can't call it anything less than beautiful. the colors go together so well and the widths are wonderful. all i can say is "i wish i would have though of that."


great idea of a thread! :)

ok my pick...

i instantly loved this because of the soft yellows and the name... i thought the name is totally right! and being a daydreamer prectically all the time hehe i just had to love it! i think it shows how melancholy and happiness and all kinds of thoughts blend on our daydreamer heads




Tough choice, but this grabbed me today. It's absolute Melbourne winter crap outside, its been drizzling all day, & I've got three dogs waiting for walkies. Looking at this reminded me of the day, and that I have a fireplace and a couple of good bottles of red available, so I'm about to light a fire and then lie on the couch with a good book and a drink.

Lulu 05


I like how the bright green next to the rusty orange buzzes, then the dusty colours set off that pattern more subtly. The earth tones are pleasant, but have a great twist. Almost retro, this palette brings out harmonies between brights and neutrals.

Lovely palette, Alex



so hard to decide! wow lovely colors. I love the widths and the alternating colors, it really makes this pop. Sort of like how the dark blue is like a background for the reds to sit on! I love seeing colourlovers who explore widths and creating different depths and feels. Lulu 05 has alot of beautiful stuff though. <3 I found a new lover to watch! :)



I love how fresh and clean this feels. And of course the name is super fun! It really jumped off the page for me!



I love these soft, muted colors so much. I love the strength of the purples, and the dreaminess of the greens. Sadness perhaps, but paired with hope.



the name first caught my attention - virginia was a very interesting woman (i've read some of her books and liked them). i also associate her with blueish shades and this palette has nice blues with a little greyish tone and the light green that makes it special. and the widths are great.


I am SO EXCITED that I caught this thread at ventilatorblues!! It took me a while, but I finally settled on this palette
Here is why:
(1) All of her palettes have amazing, evocative, usually music-inspired names - and this is one of the best
(2) She has a fantastic sense for how to use contrasting colors
(3) Her palettes always have something a little unexpected, something that I wouldn't think of myself - like "strawberry," the bold pink here. The unexpected touches ALWAYS work beautifully.



I love the soft warm colours in this palette - the way it blends is just perfect! It also reminds me of being at the beach on a warm day!!



Love how the colours blend here and widths are perfect, plus I love cats... (also cheshire cats!) :)



I love the soft lavenders and the way the thin, pinky-mauve center stripe gives the palette depth.



Oh so lovely... I love the dark, inky grey-blues, and I love how 'uncertainty' pops out like a Van Gogh night sky. Plus, I absolutely love morphs, and I think bunigrl33's done a beautiful job with this one!



I really like palettes that utilize colours that seem too muted to be striking at first glance, and then deftly sews them together into a portrait where each colour shines its hue on the other. It's like watching dusty prism reflections on a wall . . . I could just look at it all day.



first of all, i adore the name! yay hobos :D
also, the oranges/red/yellows strike a lovely chord with the navy and light blue, and this palette is so bright and happy

it's a yay palette :)

Eliza D.

I love everything about this palette. The widths are perfect, and all of the colors melt into each other. I also love how you name all of your colors to go along with the title of your palette. Makes me want to indulge a little right now <3



wow.. it's hard to choose! everything is so amazing! i guess i'd have to pick this as my favorite, though. love!


Eliza D. wrote:
I love everything about this palette. The widths are perfect, and all of the colors melt into each other. I also love how you name all of your colors to go along with the title of your palette. Makes me want to indulge a little right now <3



*thought I'd bump this up*
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Posted 1 hour ago
If I see something that is copied, I will always point it out. I can't just sit and watch it happen.

waterway wrote:
you ladies really need to chill. you realize this is the internet and everything will get copied and duplicated. A lot of people come to colourlovers to pick palettes for their visual identity projects and even home decor. I, myself have received numerous links from my clients for palettes from the web to use in their branding projects. I had my palettes set to 'allow commercial use' in my previous account because people will use these palettes anyway. If you don't want something to be copied, don't post it on the internet and really, what's the worse that can happen if a palette is copied. I don't get it.
Posted 1 hour ago
I am sorry, that you feel this is harassing you. I am not. I really have nothing more to say for this matter. You know how I feel.
helenabl wrote:
How about when you are being wrongly accused?

Just Perfect Color wrote:
"Directly copying another designer’s color scheme might be considered lazy. In some cases, it can even be considered copyright infringement. A recent case involving Seven Towns, the makers of Rubik’s Cube, versus Dayan, demonstrates that while color schemes themselves can’t be copyrighted, the order and placement of colors can be. It’s why Dayan replaced its orange with purple."

Most of the examples shown so far show colors in a different order than the original palette. While the original palette could be protected, and the creator might have a claim of infringement if it were copied exactly, once the colors are rearranged it is considered a different palette. There is no violation, at least legally. Sadly this is true no matter how obvious the similarities.

helenabl wrote:
Stop harassing me.

timanttimaarit wrote:
I got this passive aggressive message today:

A while back you accused me of copying a palette. Well I have answered you accusation. I'm here to wish you find lots of love and inspiration in your life. I have lots of both and have no need to copy anyone's work, or worse, to go around the internet accussing others without any evidence. Try using your time to study and search for reference, that's what has allowed me to make great design, which has payed all my bills for the last 15 years.

I guess she was writing about this post of mine:

timanttimaarit wrote:
Posted 2 hours ago

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