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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's 2012-2013

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Hi everyone,

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's! I have a lot to be grateful for. Thank you CL team for creating this wonderful place for us to enjoy. And thank you CL community for allowing me to share the fun with you. Hope we'll have some more next year!

Much Love, ~ Pink

P.S. Want to share your Christmas wishes too? Post them right here! =]



What a lovely thing to do, dear Pink! I'm delighted by your infinitely kind soul. Sounds lofty, no? But it couldn't be more true, too.

Invited here by you yourself, I'll add my twopenn'orth wishes as well.
May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear Colourlovers!
... And dream in million of colours. – Ola

PS. As a child brought up mainly by Disney tales, I totally love these sketches which you posted in!

Edit: Patterns gratis :D


My Christmas wish was to find some closure to a very difficult situation and that is what I got: a major load lifted off of my heart and chest. This is a real gift.

My wish for the community is that we can mend from the losses we've had recently and we can continue to grow and flourish as friends and as artists. ♥ Oh, and hopefully the contest issues will be resolved.

Actually, I have one more wish: that I had mailed the packages containing Christmas gifts to my family in America weeks ago. No..I had to wait until Christmas was 3 days away. x_x Oh well, better late than never, yeah? :D

Happy holidays, everyone. Hope each and every one of you has an amazing time this season.


P.S. I'll have sugar cookies for everyone in a little bit...if my husband stops eating them as soon as they pop out of the oven!


^_________^ Great everyone's in the HAPPY HOLIDAY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!



I ain't in much of a Christmas spirit myself, kinda really down.

BUT HEY, Merry Christmas.

obligatory_Christmas want a REAL present? well shoot. umm, well... I did start a blog dedicated to posting free music. I should go find some more to post. but you can still check it out.


Just finding this now?? Okay Merry Christmas Everyone!! <3 May it be healthier and happier than mine. (Sick yet again with a flu) =.=



What a nice idea!! Only one of the many reasons I love this community so much!!

Here's wishing everyone the happiest of holidays, and a happy, healthy new year!!


peaceful holidays

♥♥♥Wishing all of you the happiest holiday season ever, and a joyous and colorful new year!♥♥♥



a peacefull,happy ,healthy and colourful New year to all CL.



Best wishes for everyone


Good wishes to everyone.


I love those christmas colors. Keep the festivities going!
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Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon
Posted 47 minutes ago
Posted 49 minutes ago
For me, the first and biggest change occurred in early 2010, when Seamless Lite and some other site alterations were introduced. Prior to that, the community of active users was small and close-knit...and very fun-loving. Lots of jokes, lots of games, lots of love. We were, as they say, a bit wild and crazy.

I hated seeing all that disappear. But then a new world of fun quickly emerged around the dynamic energy of Anna (ycc2106). She truly made this place what it is today and enriched all our lives. We were rocked when she faded from view, quickly and without explanation. We still owe so much of the fun we have here today to her.

Meanwhile, people started getting more masterful with Seamless and the newly released Studio version. One such person was sunmeadow. We were all in awe of her creations, we all loved her dearly, and we were all shocked and distraught when she died suddenly. We grieved a long time, we grieved together, and eventually, we healed and moved on.

Psychologically speaking, a big change occurred when we went through our "Contest Era." Though the competitions were fun, they made CL—well, competitive. And that brought out some of the worst in a few Lovers. Enough so, I guess, that we don't have contests anymore. But from that point on, a small number of people became comfortable with revealing their catty sides. Usually in private love notes, but also sometimes on the forums.

That slight shift toward negativity saddened me the most. It also drove some people away. And then came the Hanna incident. I had never been drawn to Hanna. She always felt forced and phony to me. But many, many people blossomed under her rather excessive loving. And so they were crushed when they learned she, too, had died. And then, they were crushed by the betrayal when they learned she was, in fact, alive.

Between the cattiness of the competitions and the bitterness over Hanna, CL stopped being a fairy land of unconditional love. Reality crept in, and our flawed personalities crept out. Sometimes quite cruelly. Sometimes causing enough hurt or anger to drive people away with the intent of never looking back. Hence, the deletions of their accounts.

But the stalwart lovers and believers remain. Because we know there's something special about this microcosm of the world. It is a rare place of love and acceptance, support and encouragement—even enduring friendships. And, as with all microcosms, it must be handled with care, conscientiousness, and respect.

ColourLover people come and go in waves. Our population shifts the way seasons change. It just happens. We go through spells where the "talent" seems to ebb and the love seems to wane. But then, we shine again. With each new influx of people comes a few standouts—the very talented, the very supportive, the very funny, and so on. Those are the people we must pull especially close. As much for our own sakes as theirs.

My thanks to all of you who have blessed my life. I fade away a bit from time to time, but I always return. You are, as the song goes, the wind beneath my wings. I grow with and because of you. I hope I've somehow blessed your lives with moments of joy. And I pray that loves like ours rule the world some day. xoxo
Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon
Posted 53 minutes ago
Posted 1 hour ago
Those of you who have been here longer than I have (I don't think I ever got to 'meet' Anna, for example), what do you think was behind the popularity of CL back then? Could we recreate some of it now? Were there more challenges that got people excited, for example? Were the people behind CL more active back then (it seems they're somewhat inactive now since there's quite a bit of spam going around)?

I loved CL in 2013 and I still love it now two years later, but if there was a way to bring more joy back to CL & have more people share their creativity again, I'd love to try it out ☺ It's the people who make CL so enjoyable after all, for me, at least.
Posted 6 hours ago
I think everything changed when Anna left. It still affects me every time I'm here. "Hanna" not so much anymore.

I am glad you spoke your mind prax! I can appreciate that.

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