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16 million loves?

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So, I was browsing through palettes and I saw this:


Does anyone else think that is a bit odd that a 22 hour old palette has 16 million loves?! Hahaha


Haven't you heard? That palette is the color combination that has taken the world by storm!! People see it and INSTANTLY click "love," then call everyone they know and tell them to do the same! People are just cuckoo over that palette! ;-)


omentum, you're so sarcastic... ^__^

It may just be a bug or something. It's kinda funny actually that something has almost 2 million loves. That's a majority of the users here on CL. Lol.


haha, and no comments. just SUCH perfect palette - nothing to say about...

btw, i added my "love" for this palette as well :)
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