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Do we all see tha same colors?

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Everyone's psychological makeup is immensely diverse when compared with every other person in this world. We have colour blinds and we have "normal" people. With colour blinds, you can be blind to only a certain colour or a colour group (like reds, pinks, etc), which some--although rare--are blind to the whole colour spectrum. When we see all colours, we are all perceived as normal. However, this is not the case. Although we all receive light wavelengths, we all receive them differently, as our eyes collect the light different, thus having a different reaction and perception. We all have differing sensitivity to the cone cells within our retinas that detect light at different rates. So a light red Skittle exposed to much sunlight on a summer day could appear that way to me, but it would appear much differently to you, but still have a red hue.

Very interesting, basically. I learned a lot about this in my psychology classes in the tenth grade. I find it rather fascinating how it all is broken down in text and makes total sense when we think about it. Even though I may have made no sense in my ramblings from above, I still think, no matter how different our eyes react to light sensitivities, we still see the close-enough colour. I am not going to see that Skittle as red while you see it as blue. Besides, if there was a blue Skittle, I'd be scared.


KimmuSAMA wrote:

(: what do you think about it?
I read and loved the BBC one....i had a feeling no one saw absolutely the same...well we are supposed to be unique


hat can turn into a philosophical question :) one of our favorites while in high school.
no answer to that yet.
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A recent palette of hers I've loved, the cool blues make me think of the ocean and purples are associated with magic: both are aspects of the moon, a great name for a great palette.
Cookie Paw Pad
Cookie Paw Pad
How f*cked in the head do you need to be to make up stuff like that on a website for goddamn inspiration? Anyway, thanks for the information.
This is a reply to both Cookie Paw Pad and and-again:

Well, in a nutshell, there was a lot of nasty drama here on CL last spring, supposedly centered around what seemed to be three people, Faith, Erika and Hannah, with several dozens of accounts between them, mostly by the Erika-persona, who made a new one every other day for a while.

Their drama was much like what is happening right now, and it also involved, but was not limited to:
Roleplaying a suicide attempt, visible for everybody in the sidebar of course, attempts of emotional blackmail of members forced to witness their antics, irrational, psychopathic mood swings at people who were foolish enough to get involved (often in a fit of real sympathy for what seemed to be troubled kids), and more such things.

Eventually, they got banned by the owner, but the ban was lifted a few days later, because it seemed whoever was behind these "people" was using a school network to log onto CL and Darius did not want to ban an entire school.

Oddly though, by the time the ban was lifted, they'd gotten bored apparently, because none of them was around any more.

Word of advice, because I was one of the stupid ones who got involved last year, and already got involved enough this time around that I am getting love notes from some of the new accounts:
Stay the hells away from them as far as you can!

I was just told by a source that shall remain unnamed, that the school actually blocked CL for a while, but apparently, it was unblocked again because of its educational value.
Not sure if I should laugh or cry.

I'll settle for a long suffering sigh.

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