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Weekly Newsletter is too frequent!

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I'd be very surprised if anyone would be happy about receiving a weekly newsletter... Maybe this is just me, but lately it seems every website and business has decided to start emailing newsletters/promotions etc much more frequently, and whilst I was happy to accept them less frequently, now that they are hitting my inbox more regularly they are getting deleted (or I click the "spam" button on the commercial ones which I used to enjoy receiving previously).

At least in your case there was the link to change preferences which I did straight away... I guess this is just my opinion and others may vary, it'll be interesting to see what others say.

I would probably accept the newsletter if it were monthly.

Anyone else have an opinion about this? Am I just mad because I have an ever growing inbox?

(p.s. What a lovely site this is - keep up the good work!)


Thanks for the feedback. Our hope is that the info in Huesday is of interest and worth getting updated with every week. If people feel that is too often we can move to maybe the first tuesday of the month.

P.S. Thank you! You too.


I haven't even received one O_O That's strange.


Hey Mei. We're learning a lot about sending newsletters and the limits some email providers put on sending as many emails as we're sending. That slowness is why some people got our Tuesday email on Wed... and even Thurs. And why some like you still haven't got it.

Not because we don't love you!


I didn't receive a newsletter since the start of the new Year. Is it finished ? Hope not :( I really liked exploring the new members and different links.

Luna Rosa

I love my Huesday goodness, but then I am a colourlovers addict:) I usually get it on Wednesday but I assume that's because I live in Australia and we're ahead, it doesn't bother me in the slightest, I think it's a great idea.


I enjoy it, too! I think it's fun!


This newsletter is great. the content is smart . I just love it.


I love it too. I used to wait it on every tuesday.


Glad everyone enjoys the newsletter. Mei let me / us know if you still never receive it. ~Molly


Hi to Everybody,
I always always look forward to my Huesday. If it doesn't come I miss it very much. I hope it doesn't change to only monthly, that would be sad. But here is an oddity. My husband always gets his on Sundays and I always without a hitch get mine on Tuesdays. He has an iPad and I have a laptop, whether that makes a difference I don't know. Mine on Tuesday is always the newer one, he gets the one I got on Tuesday on Sunday, not the other way around. But we are happy, don't change a thing, keep them coming please and thank you.
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so what the problem?

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