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^ Nadda. Don't have a blog... :(
< Cleaning up my pinterest boards... it's like spring cleaning for the internet!
v likes watching Cary Grant movies? (I doooo :P)


^ I don't know who Cary Grant is... ._.
< Has a competition tomorrow.. Ughh
v likes watching classic movies


^ no. I'm not a movie person in any way, the only movies I can manage to sit and watch are ones I already like.

< playing Mother 3 for once! feels good man. but I feel bad for not playing MGS3 today when I had the chance, now I have to wait until next week. eh. but I guess it's okay, because this gives me time to prepare for the hardest boss battle! LOL you know, by reading about the different ways of beating him so I can do it this time instead of taking the easy way out. hopefully. I hope I can do it this time. ;__;

v is good at being sneaky, whether irl or only in video games


^ I can't be sneaky at all. not sure how it applies to videogames... maybe call of duty?

< I have a party going on, I told everyone to be here at 3:00 pm for cheese and wine, no one has arrived yet! it's 3:30 - new experience!

v will help me finish all the cheese and the bottles of wine I have :)


^ : D I'm on my way – I'm thinking 'come as you are?'

< Just finished enjoying homemade pizza. (Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green olive, extra mozarella, and my own pizza sauce.) All part of spoiling my husband ; )

v Is looking forward to something good, scheduled to happen on Monday.


^^ Metal Gear Solid, for sure. Paper Mario has parts where you have to be sneaky, as well. probably more. also, I want cheese... not sure about the wine part. I'd try some, I guess.

^ no, not really.

< playing Mother 3, again. well, I'm actually distracted right now, oops. mom gave me food and I feel really great. I was feeling sick earlier.

v is cold


^ very warm actually.

< won 1st place in competitions today. SO HAPPY! Yay!

v has a long lost twin that they have yet to find


^ i don't think so. but that would be really, really cool!
^^ ooooh! what kind of competition? congratulations!

< watching the aftermath party of the "directv beach bowl" on tv

v has a cuddly, fluffy dog


^Nope, I don't own a dog. I own geese and birds.
^^An academic competition for math and calculators. :) Thanks, btw!

< Has been spending too much time on wizard101. What am I doing with my life..

v has a $100000 bounty on their heads.


^ I'm afraid I'm not at will to say. If I said yes, you'd probably start hunting me down. Although, I'm afraid any efforts would be wasted, though.

< I've been working on a costume. I'm currently making the props!

v Are you into sewing?


^ Sewing? Not really.. I'm not good at that. :| But I love watching people sewing XD

< Just learned what to do to make her dad put on the seat-belt properly without any complaint: put him on the driver seat! :3

v enjoys public transportation

Apricot J

^ Oh, yeah.. definitely. and I love the fact that buses and trains use much less fuel per person than cars.


v loves Ryan Gosling.


^ no...

< getting sleepy... bleh. mostly an unproductive day, but that's how weekends tend to be so whatever. still, minor progress in Mother 3 so I'm feeling pretty good.

v can easily deal with lots of noise around them


^ yes! as long as there's something i can focus on, i can block out the noise with no problem.

< happy that the Ravens won the Super Bowl but sad it wasn't the Packers

v has snow on the roof of where they are


^ You know it : ) Snow and icicles; and we got another half inch of fluffy stuff last night. Great magenta sunrise this morning, too – it made pink sparkles all over the snow.

< Had to be told who was in the Super Bowl this morning, and who won. Focusing on hockey…

v Can't start their day without music.


^ yes I can. But I usually start singing sometime during each day.
< wearing new thrift store finds!! Yippee
v your best feature or favorite thing about yourself?


^ I am easily entertained. Seriously, it doesn't take much. I'm very rarely bored.
< likes thrift stores, too! But not going until I prune my collection of stuff. I have way too much stuff.
v has a guilty pleasure.


^ Not really guilty about enjoying myself – unless… it's spending way too much time at COLOURlovers : ) I also lose track of time in book stores, libraries, stationery shops, and art supply stores.
< Saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters yesterday. Went with an open mind after reading a LOT of negative reviews – but I loved the gore-fest. Really entertaining eye-candy.
v Has already been into the Valentine's chocolates?


^ not yet, I hope I receive some though! :D

< got my iMac, life is so beautiful right now, I can't explain it. I truly appreciate the little things in life.

V is having a raclette night and inviting me :) I'll bring the wine!


^ I had to google "raclette" to find out what it was. Sure! I will learn how to use one and we shall have a party Will you send a recipe? Do you like board games? We can play them after dinner. And I like all kinds of wine. My fave of the moment is chocolate wine. YUM!
< My computer is smashed and it is a hassle coming to the library every time I want to use the internet.
v Can't live without the internet either...
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Posted 25 minutes ago
And had a wonderful time. Wendy and her husband took me there, hey have such a nice place and her husband Bill is really nice too. I've been so depressed so it it was very therapeutic to go!
Posted 4 hours ago
1. I don't care whether you support my campaign or not. Besides, thoughts of witch hunts, branding irons, welts, etc. are perverse, those pictures all come from you, I deny them. My ultimate rebuke, after a lot of explaining, and encouragement, tells someone I can't respect their actions because they violate my code of honor, after which I ignore them until they shape up. I don't go any further. So it's best you don't participate in the proposed action. If that is the way you think, I certainly would never hire you for faculty in a private school.

2. Damages in euros etc. I am not discussing. I'm talking about Art. Best practices, and originality. If someone doesn't care about those after mild and mannered discussion, when you confront them with date stamped proof of their actions, then I cannot further respect them as an artist. I'm free to speak my mind about that. That doesn't mean I want them to quit the site or go jump off a bridge, certainly not hang them. That just means I know how they behave going forward, and I'm free to form an opinion about them. People can form whatever opinion about me in return, based on my art, actions and deeds. I've worked hard to become an asset to this site. I like to think I have earned respect because of it. But I never count on it.

3. I don't care whether you could follow every minute of this discussion for two weeks. I don't care that my discussion about and endorsement of appropriate shame appears in a forum that appears around the world. That's what public forums are for. People should be able to speak their minds, right or wrong, and be able to freely make mistakes, or conversely, excellent points. When a topic has had no action for two weeks, you should understand it's a dead topic. If you revive it, you beat a dead horse, or you're trying to begin a new horse beating. I bet you didn't even look at the date. That is on you.

4. You are correct that memories attatched to shaming are carried for a long time, that is my point. "If my mother had caught me doing such a thing, she would have tanned my behind." "My old teacher would have had a heart attack." "My grandparents would be rolling in their graves." "My sister would have been so disappointed in me," etc. Those are generally good lessons, that we have internalized, admitted to, and grown past. Administered to us by people who care.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 6 hours ago
If you propose, I will support your shaming campaign so long as we can make branding irons, heat them up, and burn the imprints into the foreheads of those an angry mob decides are offenders.

Intellectual property claims, whether exact duplicates, are absolutely irrelevant given the nature of this site. Why in the world would you post things to a site like this hoping people, all over the world, would respect your rights? Some of them live in countries that do not have to by the way.

And how have you, save for your ego, been damaged by all this? You have lost millions of euros or dollars through plagarism on this site? Sorry, but you just seem too emotionally charged to be rational.

This is plain and simple, dangerous and stupid. Beyond that, as I have said before, you could really hurt somebody if you are wrong in your witch hunt. It is usually much to late to say sorry to someone when its over because, you know? They would be damaged goods from your crusade.

PS. Sorry I could not follow this discussion every minute for two weeks. Sometimes I have other places to visit and other sites on which to spend my time and attention. I really appreciated your observation though so I read all the comments over the two weeks. I think I am up to speed.

PSS. Shaming anyone builds the memories they will remember later; even if they survive the shaming, hazing, shunning or whatever you want to call it. Such encounters shape their lives and attitudes forever and always. They might forgive, but they will always remember.
Just Perfect Color
Just Perfect Color
Posted 6 hours ago
If you are talking about me, I am flattered. I have never been called both at the same time as I remember. Thank you so much!

If you are done breathing fire out your nose, and can ever possibly calm down? Could you bring yourself to listen to those trying to help you in this? May I suggest something to you? With fire extinguisher in hand? And a dragon slayer on the roof of my condo building?

If you are not already a member, think about joining the Graphic Artists Guild. It is one of the best artists' rights orgs in the US. Members get all sorts of benefits including legal advice (to a point) in a pinch. Lots of pattern repeat designers are members. You might get more enthusiasm there but not for a shaming campaign.
Posted 6 hours ago
That website is brilliant, Deslyn! Thank you for sharing it with us.

DeslynBrown wrote:
One website I use frequently is You might want to input your color there and then check out the pentadic or hexadic sections. This will give you different colors all around the color wheel that complement the original color in some way, and each color is of the exact same saturation and lightness levels, which is what I believe you're looking for. You would want to alter the "S" and "V", but not the "H". Here is an example of the color you gave here:

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