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^ I am easily entertained. Seriously, it doesn't take much. I'm very rarely bored.
< likes thrift stores, too! But not going until I prune my collection of stuff. I have way too much stuff.
v has a guilty pleasure.


^ Not really guilty about enjoying myself – unless… it's spending way too much time at COLOURlovers : ) I also lose track of time in book stores, libraries, stationery shops, and art supply stores.
< Saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters yesterday. Went with an open mind after reading a LOT of negative reviews – but I loved the gore-fest. Really entertaining eye-candy.
v Has already been into the Valentine's chocolates?


^ I had to google "raclette" to find out what it was. Sure! I will learn how to use one and we shall have a party Will you send a recipe? Do you like board games? We can play them after dinner. And I like all kinds of wine. My fave of the moment is chocolate wine. YUM!
< My computer is smashed and it is a hassle coming to the library every time I want to use the internet.
v Can't live without the internet either...


^ basically. was forced to for about 2 months a while back. I have never been more bored in my entire life.

< needs to do something, I've been lazy all day. should get to Mother 3 or something...

v really likes taking naps


^ I just got done takeing one. x)

< Am working on sewing a bag that I designed forever ago. It was origionally just supposed to be a stuffed animal, but the whole concept just works better this way. I haven't done the handle yet... backpack or tote style? HMM.

v Has watched their favoret movie recently.


^ No, but I was planning on watching it sometime later.....

< Looking for a recipe so i can cook tomorrow, also trying to figure out how to make this belt...

v if you could live in any fictional place, where would you choose to go?


^ Middle earth. No contest! <3
< Broke my foot, and am sick again. Kill me now.
v will be my friend? :(

Apricot J

^ Of course! I'm already your friend.

> struggling to make some gifts for colourlovers.

v loves a sweet aroma of tea.


^ Yes I do :) I drink tea a lot

< Listening to a history documentary on the radio

v loves nailpolish


^ i do love nailpolish! except when it's chipped. and then i can't stand it.

< went out for chinese food last night! *__*

v a science geek


^ ooooh... i wish!
^ good luck with university! hope everything works out!

< is itching for summer with all this cold

v loves cheesecake

Psycho Jello

^ HATES Cheesecake. Bleh!

< Has a cold coming on too :(. So annoying

v Loves Snow!


^ Paprika. only Satoshi Kon movie I've seen yet, but it is pretty great. I really need to see all of his movies... but watching movies is hard for me. >:

< angry. kinda tired. hungry. upset because my tummy hurts because I'm hungry. also, I really wish I had someone to hold me. sigh.

v thinks Wario is awesome


^ I'm sure Wario is a great chap but alas, I have not had the pleasure of making his acquaintance so I cannot render a sound judgement of his character.

< We had a family gathering yesterday and everything turned out well. I'm so proud of myself for not panicky and acting weird. \o/

V enjoys spying on people


^ Despite the fact that there is a lot of controversy surrounding how Greg mortenson used money from the book "three cups of tea", it is still a fabulous read even it there is imbellishment! No doubt he has done great things for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan, etc.

< Mardi gras holiday tomorrow! No office hrs! Still must do work at home however...

v With dinner, I had some fantastic wine! A 12 yr old zin.


^ I just might : ) Cupcakes are so portable, cute, and tasty! My two favorites are German chocolate with peanut butter frosting, and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. For the past three years, I've had to redo lots of my recipes, because my husband has to be gluten-free – that's been an interesting process.

< I'm missing fresh episodes of Grimm badly, and can't wait until it starts up again. ^ I started watching Fringe the first season – it's pretty cool, sort of like Warehouse 13 meets The X-Files. It got more popular after that, when they got into everything more deeply, but I fell away from it. (Can't remember why…)

v Has taken Ballroom Dancing lessons.


^ Nope, if I had I did, I would be stepping on everyone's feet! >.<

< Has too many things to do

v got a lot of candy


^ No. I wish I got candies, but unfortunately I didn't get any .__________.

< Wonders why people are so lazy to read a sign. Holy sheep, it just takes a few seconds, or maybe minutes! -_________-

v Eats chocolates everyday.


^ Nope! I actually dislike chocolate because it gives me bellyaches. :c

< I really should be doing homework, but.. Guild Wars 2 is calling.

V Enjoyed their Valentine's Day, I hope! <3
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