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^ Nadda. Don't have a blog... :(
< Cleaning up my pinterest boards... it's like spring cleaning for the internet!
v likes watching Cary Grant movies? (I doooo :P)


^ I don't know who Cary Grant is... ._.
< Has a competition tomorrow.. Ughh
v likes watching classic movies


^ no. I'm not a movie person in any way, the only movies I can manage to sit and watch are ones I already like.

< playing Mother 3 for once! feels good man. but I feel bad for not playing MGS3 today when I had the chance, now I have to wait until next week. eh. but I guess it's okay, because this gives me time to prepare for the hardest boss battle! LOL you know, by reading about the different ways of beating him so I can do it this time instead of taking the easy way out. hopefully. I hope I can do it this time. ;__;

v is good at being sneaky, whether irl or only in video games


^ I can't be sneaky at all. not sure how it applies to videogames... maybe call of duty?

< I have a party going on, I told everyone to be here at 3:00 pm for cheese and wine, no one has arrived yet! it's 3:30 - new experience!

v will help me finish all the cheese and the bottles of wine I have :)


^ : D I'm on my way – I'm thinking 'come as you are?'

< Just finished enjoying homemade pizza. (Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green olive, extra mozarella, and my own pizza sauce.) All part of spoiling my husband ; )

v Is looking forward to something good, scheduled to happen on Monday.


^^ Metal Gear Solid, for sure. Paper Mario has parts where you have to be sneaky, as well. probably more. also, I want cheese... not sure about the wine part. I'd try some, I guess.

^ no, not really.

< playing Mother 3, again. well, I'm actually distracted right now, oops. mom gave me food and I feel really great. I was feeling sick earlier.

v is cold


^ very warm actually.

< won 1st place in competitions today. SO HAPPY! Yay!

v has a long lost twin that they have yet to find


^ i don't think so. but that would be really, really cool!
^^ ooooh! what kind of competition? congratulations!

< watching the aftermath party of the "directv beach bowl" on tv

v has a cuddly, fluffy dog


^Nope, I don't own a dog. I own geese and birds.
^^An academic competition for math and calculators. :) Thanks, btw!

< Has been spending too much time on wizard101. What am I doing with my life..

v has a $100000 bounty on their heads.


^ I'm afraid I'm not at will to say. If I said yes, you'd probably start hunting me down. Although, I'm afraid any efforts would be wasted, though.

< I've been working on a costume. I'm currently making the props!

v Are you into sewing?


^ Sewing? Not really.. I'm not good at that. :| But I love watching people sewing XD

< Just learned what to do to make her dad put on the seat-belt properly without any complaint: put him on the driver seat! :3

v enjoys public transportation

Apricot J

^ Oh, yeah.. definitely. and I love the fact that buses and trains use much less fuel per person than cars.


v loves Ryan Gosling.


^ no...

< getting sleepy... bleh. mostly an unproductive day, but that's how weekends tend to be so whatever. still, minor progress in Mother 3 so I'm feeling pretty good.

v can easily deal with lots of noise around them


^ yes! as long as there's something i can focus on, i can block out the noise with no problem.

< happy that the Ravens won the Super Bowl but sad it wasn't the Packers

v has snow on the roof of where they are


^ You know it : ) Snow and icicles; and we got another half inch of fluffy stuff last night. Great magenta sunrise this morning, too – it made pink sparkles all over the snow.

< Had to be told who was in the Super Bowl this morning, and who won. Focusing on hockey…

v Can't start their day without music.


^ yes I can. But I usually start singing sometime during each day.
< wearing new thrift store finds!! Yippee
v your best feature or favorite thing about yourself?


^ I am easily entertained. Seriously, it doesn't take much. I'm very rarely bored.
< likes thrift stores, too! But not going until I prune my collection of stuff. I have way too much stuff.
v has a guilty pleasure.


^ Not really guilty about enjoying myself – unless… it's spending way too much time at COLOURlovers : ) I also lose track of time in book stores, libraries, stationery shops, and art supply stores.
< Saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters yesterday. Went with an open mind after reading a LOT of negative reviews – but I loved the gore-fest. Really entertaining eye-candy.
v Has already been into the Valentine's chocolates?


^ not yet, I hope I receive some though! :D

< got my iMac, life is so beautiful right now, I can't explain it. I truly appreciate the little things in life.

V is having a raclette night and inviting me :) I'll bring the wine!


^ I had to google "raclette" to find out what it was. Sure! I will learn how to use one and we shall have a party Will you send a recipe? Do you like board games? We can play them after dinner. And I like all kinds of wine. My fave of the moment is chocolate wine. YUM!
< My computer is smashed and it is a hassle coming to the library every time I want to use the internet.
v Can't live without the internet either...
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Lilith underground
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