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@roverraven: *hugs* I'll be okay, don't worry.

^ BBC America? All I have is BBC World News, which I rarely watch.

< feels a little bit better after left 'home alone' and took a bath. Just a little, but well... At least now she's not thinking about yelling at or throwing things to other people/things that 'disturbed' her. But then she wonders what she should be doing... She's not interested in watching TV, for sure. And no, it's not nap time yet..

v prefers to read a book rather than watching television.


^ It depends. I prefer reading, so I'd say yes. However, after a long day of work, it's somehow easier to turn on the tv than get a book. But i love reading and I read every day before going to sleep.

< Is working from home today, due to snow.

v is not getting enough sleep?


^ sadly, yes. i blame the internet! i'm doing better, though. on weekdays i tend to go to bed earlier.

< just about done editing a theme for my blog. it's... fabulous.

v do you have some obsession that if anyone ever found out, you'd have to blackmail them so they wouldn't tell anyone else?


^ I could tell you but I'd have to kill you. ;)
< ummmm I am bored and tired and need a nap and am craving garlic toast.
V is a man? It seems like we are all female on this thread!


^ I might have been a male in my previous life, does that count? :)

< one of my clients is upset because I sent the files to the wrong email address. completely my mistake, but it happens to us humans :) I should pay attention to details such as this!

v is a morning person


^ Absolutely not. If it were up to me, a normal working day would start at 10.30 end end at 19.30 or something.

< Currently taking a break from my statistical data analysis.

v Hated math in school


^ OH YES! I get high marks in every subject except math! I've always hated it! College Algebra can suck it. Haha

< Can't seem to get motivated at all today (one of those days)

v Has been to Europe


^ Ok, I've been to Europe but I haven't been-been there. :P We had a stop-over in Germany once and another in London but they only lasted for a couple of hours. I was mad upset that we couldn't just stay in London! I've always wanted to see the UK. ^_^

< Has a hankering for pomegranate arils. Ever had those babies on vanilla Greek yogurt? It's a-may-zing.

V had Thai food for dinner and failed to invite me over.

^ No, I had Italian, sorry. . . it's been some time since I've gotten to experience good Thai food, maybe I'll add that to our menu next week. . . and of course, you're invited.

< spent my three day weekend hanging out with my "kids" and niece - tons of fun, I miss them already. Not sure what I'm going to do next year when my oldest moves away to college. . .

V Has recently won an unexpected, but well-deserved award.


^ Unfortunately, no. The last time I won something unexpected was more than 10 years ago, for criticizing advertisements on newspaper. But if you ask if that was well-deserved... Maybe it was. Heck, I'm not even sure if I deserved that award!

< has just got a new electric manicure tool set. It looks so lovely. Since she needs to clip her nails, probably it would be nice to try the new tool. (And mess up a bit with nail polish).

v knows how to cook traditional dishes from his/her country.


^ hah, fast right, i'm learning now to cook БОРЩ and БЛИНЫ, the most beloved russian food :) but i'm not very good at cooking, unfortunately ><

< dying of boredom and feeling not good today :( and can not find the reasons for all that

V is a genius in building castles from sand and has already won 33 awards


^ I'm terrible at building sand castles, I can't even put together a snowman! but I always try :D as for awards, I have a bronze medal in running and I've won some design contests...

< promised a friend to go to swimming but is extremely lazy and it's -17 out! I just prefer to have chicken soup and create palettes. I realize I have to respect my promise :(

v goes to the gym at least twice a week


^ I used to go three times a week! (but got super lazy for a while and just started up again...ouch...haha). A few months ago I was running 2-3 miles a day. I do not anymore. :/

< Currently distracting myself from doing math homework by being on CL ;)

v is a badass at chess


^ Uuuugh no! Not math! Math was my worst subject in both school and university. Good luck to you, my dear Petunia.
^ I'm sad to admit I've never played chess
v Like me, owns nearly every color of Revlon lipstick in every finish.


^Yeah, math is the worst! Math that's actually relevant in everyday life is easy. Geometry is easier for me, though! Haha.
^ I wish I had more colours but I stick to natural-ish shades so my range is pretty limited (can't pull off bright or dark colours). I'm a MAC lipstick addict.

< Finished my math homework and whipping out the Moscato after a long day (haha)

v has a dry sense of humor


^ hmmm sometimes. Mostly sarcastic and genuinely easily entertained. I'll happily laugh at almost anything.
< has a laugh that resembles a horse.......
V is extremely dignified/sophisticated?


^ well, not really. i try to be, but it doesn't always work... lol
^ plus i have an incredibly dry sense of humor. i enjoy sarcasm and find it useful. ha.

< is home sick today feeling overexhausted with a really sore throat

v a computer nerd?


^ I shifted College major from IT to Marketing so...^_^
< ate too much mango
v bored to death


^ I'm rarely bored! I always have something to do, otherwise I'll create something to do :)

< just reached home, it's -23 out, it feels like -30 and I have to cook, go shopping, remove the christmas tree and work!

v is planning a party


^ yep you're all invited! We'll be eating crumpets and Bon bons and macaroons! With our pinkies up.
< is making nachos... AND brownies. Ladies and gentlemen the munchies have hit!!!!
V has a super cute baby and/or pet and will show us a pic? :3
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