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^ Unfortunately, no. The last time I won something unexpected was more than 10 years ago, for criticizing advertisements on newspaper. But if you ask if that was well-deserved... Maybe it was. Heck, I'm not even sure if I deserved that award!

< has just got a new electric manicure tool set. It looks so lovely. Since she needs to clip her nails, probably it would be nice to try the new tool. (And mess up a bit with nail polish).

v knows how to cook traditional dishes from his/her country.
^ hah, fast right, i'm learning now to cook БОРЩ and БЛИНЫ, the most beloved russian food :) but i'm not very good at cooking, unfortunately ><

< dying of boredom and feeling not good today :( and can not find the reasons for all that

V is a genius in building castles from sand and has already won 33 awards
^ I used to go three times a week! (but got super lazy for a while and just started up again...ouch...haha). A few months ago I was running 2-3 miles a day. I do not anymore. :/

< Currently distracting myself from doing math homework by being on CL ;)

v is a badass at chess
^ Uuuugh no! Not math! Math was my worst subject in both school and university. Good luck to you, my dear Petunia.
^ I'm sad to admit I've never played chess
v Like me, owns nearly every color of Revlon lipstick in every finish.
^Yeah, math is the worst! Math that's actually relevant in everyday life is easy. Geometry is easier for me, though! Haha.
^ I wish I had more colours but I stick to natural-ish shades so my range is pretty limited (can't pull off bright or dark colours). I'm a MAC lipstick addict.

< Finished my math homework and whipping out the Moscato after a long day (haha)

v has a dry sense of humor
^ hmmm sometimes. Mostly sarcastic and genuinely easily entertained. I'll happily laugh at almost anything.
< has a laugh that resembles a horse.......
V is extremely dignified/sophisticated?
^ well, not really. i try to be, but it doesn't always work... lol
^ plus i have an incredibly dry sense of humor. i enjoy sarcasm and find it useful. ha.

< is home sick today feeling overexhausted with a really sore throat

v a computer nerd?
^ I shifted College major from IT to Marketing so...^_^
< ate too much mango
v bored to death
^ yep you're all invited! We'll be eating crumpets and Bon bons and macaroons! With our pinkies up.
< is making nachos... AND brownies. Ladies and gentlemen the munchies have hit!!!!
V has a super cute baby and/or pet and will show us a pic? :3
^ thought about collecting shoes put decided at a young age collecting scars was easier....just crash your bicycle, snowmobile, or truck...presto scars....carelessly yield an axe...scar...undo screws that shouldn't be undone...scar. The only problem is I don't expect the collection to be worth much when it comes time to sell :(

< has an incredibly sexy and mysterious life right now. Just the other day huege bought some groceries and he had to decide whether to buy strawberries from Florida or California....that's the sexy part. The mysterious part... huege isn't even going to say which one he bought.

V once drank a glass of milk with a straw
^ omgosh how did you know!??
< is jealous of hueges sexy mysterious life. I don't get to pick the location of my strawberries...
V is wearing something homemade?
^ nope

< finishing Kirby's Dream Land 3 and ALSO being distracted... because that's what I do best.

v has suddenly been hit by INSPIRATION.
^ I totally was and made a ton of new stuff! thanks Emma!
< is feeling extremely lazy today and needs to get up and eat lunch...
v has a fever.... and the only prescription is..... (COMPLETE THE SENTENCE!!)
^ Actually do have a fever and I feel like crap, maybe because I don't have any cowbell.

< is afraid she might be getting some sort of flu. I ache all over and can't sleep. Vegging on the couch, watching South Korean news.

V Has never taken any medication/pills in their life, other than aspirin.
^ Yes, I am. I'm strong like a cow.

> is full! However, Looking around right now, can't find any snacks. This is a nightmare.

v is probably naked.
^ Under all these clothes, definitely naked
< Trying to keep fireplace going in living room but keep forgetting about it because of goofy games on CL.
v Thinks that tandem skating involves a bicycle.
^^^ Awww Mei, hope you feel better soooon. :( Sending warm thoughts (and chicken soup, and cowbells) your way.
^ ummm I have no idea what that is, a quick googling later I am still puzzled. lol
< pulled a muscle near my hip. OUCH!
v Has a secret.......
^ sure, I got plenty of 'em.

< hungry... need to play Mother 3... and stuff...

v has a dirty keyboard
^ my keyboard her is fine. but I do need to clean the one at work.

< My boyfriend is coming down with the flu. I hope I dont catch it

v has a dog
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