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^ nah...

< sleepy as usual. but at least I'm not cold! was trying to make a new template but I can't get this to work out... so I'm gonna stop trying for now.

v wants waffles
^ I do want waffles! I'll always want waffles!
> Just ate every bit of the mashed potatoes.
v enjoys fiction
It's okay, karnoug! We can want waffles together.
^ has no one to buy a valentines present for. Maybe I'll buy a chocolate bar for my godson.
< is going to see some RL friends in an hour or so... will be nice.
v has gone to see a live sporting event
^ has been to many. I've been to a NY Yankees game, probably 20 NY Giants games, and also a NY Knicks game.
< is current procrastinating cleaning up before we have company tomorrow.
v cat or dog person?
^ Both! And I've also been to a couple NY Yankee games.
< Dudes, no one said anything about my joke above! Funny of depressing?
v Can't ever remember jokes when attempting to tell them?
^ The be honest, I don't often tell jokes. Probably because I don't know many of them, but I liked yours :)
< It's freezing cold here and I have to go out for groceries...
v loves to watch comedies?
^ As far as movies or TV, I'm more of a fantasy, S/F, or mystery person. But if it's seeing or reading plays, I adore things like Noises Off, The Importance of Being Earnest, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
< I'm having some 'me' time today : )
v Recently went to an art gallery or exhibit.
^ no, but after seeing posts on tumblr about lots of video game related ones, I wish I could. staring at neat art irl is fun too, I'm sure.

< currently wishing I had someone irl to physically cling to for some reason... <(.__. <)

v doesn't like mice
^ You have no idea! That is one of the only show that makes me laugh until I pee all over myself! The whole cast just meshes perfectly together.
< Has a massive headache that I've had for days.
V dislikes spotty bananas
^ ugh, i HATE spotty bananas! also, hope you feel better, mei!

< has a strange craving for a fresh, crunchy apple!

V can do a cartwheel
^ would break something if she tried

< just finished folding some laundry, drinking coffee. Going out to lunch with friends in a bit. LOVES spotty bananas, by the way. Not terminally spotty ones, lightly spotty. They never get past that, because I eat them, or freeze them for banana bread.

v likes food from an outdoor fair
^ eh... not so much. except for maybe funnel cakes.

< the last thing i want to do right now is go to a furniture store

V has played basketball at some point in their lives
^ Never played it on a team. For fun in the yard w friends. :)
< is getting ready for people to show at the house and wasting time.
v loves cookies!
^ not really... i've just spent like 2 1/2 hours excercising today and i have gymnastics training later tonight ... so i feel like i deserve some nice quality CL time.

< really really really wants some ice cream but my willpower is holding me back... maybe some frozen yogurt...

V drank orange juice today
^ I haven't but I am in the process of polishing off my second coffee -.-

< Didn't have a good night's sleep and is quite grumpy *grumble grumble*

v Wants to go on a road trip
^ Like nothing else! If only I could drive...

< Meant to get a license ages ago, but haven't had time to learn everything for the test

V Has had a car for 20+ years and is wondering what's wrong with all of these young whippersnappers (and what they're doing on their lawn).
^ Afraid I'm too young to drive, so I don't have a car. I do wonder what's wrong with these people who think it's okay to use their phones while they drive and whatnot.

< Looking for my cook book. Hello, where did you go? I can't cook without you.

v Did you (or are you planning to) have a sweet sixteen?
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