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^ Eh, it's a toss-up. To this day however, 4th grade was the best year of my life. I've talked to some old classmates of mine over the years, and they've generaly agreed it was at least one of theirs, too. We had an outlandishly small class. x) And the best teacher in the world. So if nothing else, that one year was great, lol! xD *brik'd*

< My quest to learn Japanese is still a little bit slow, but definitly comming along. =) My quest to learn Hawaii Pidgin is almost at a hault. ;-;

v Loves a cartoon theme song that gets stuck in their head. xD


^ yep. I get songs stuck in my head allll the time! Lol but right now for some reason I have the Muppet Babies theme stuck in my head
< got a new case for my iphone!!!
V tell us a joke?


^ This is my absolute favorite joke:
Instead of "giddy up," a preacher trained his horse to go when he said, "Praise the Lord." To stop, instead of "woah," the word was "Amen." One day, the pastor was ill and knew he had not much more time on earth. He wanted to make sure his beloved horse got a good home before he eventually went to his eternal home in heaven. So he put an ad out in the paper for people looking to buy a horse. The very next day, a cowboy came and checked out the horse. "My, what a beauty!" He declared. The pastor beamed. "His name is Moses. He's a wonderful horse. To go you just tell him "Praise the Lord" and to stop you say "Amen." Would you like to take him out for a spin?" The cowboy was excited and mounted the horse. "Praise the Lord!" he shouted and Moses trotted off for a fun little ride. Not long into the ride, the cowboy wanted to go faster so he kicked Moses and the horse sped into a gallop but the cowboy wanted to go faster so he kicked Moses again and he raced in a fast cantor. Soon, a giant canyon loomed in the distance seeming to go off forever to the left and forever to the right. The cowboy tried to steer the horse away from the canyon but Moses just kept running forward. "How do you turn this thing!?" the cowboy cursed outloud. He couldn't remember the word to stop! "Help! Jesus! God! Bible! Genesis! Exodus! Leviticus! AHHHH!" Suddenly, he said a quick prayer, "Dear Lord please save me!!!! Amen." The horse stopped- phew that was close... right on the edge of a cliff!!! The cowboy was so relieved he looked up to heaven and said, "Praise the Lord!"
< Thanks to Symea, 02bqueen, and some others... I've been doing a lot of thinking about God and spirituality lately. I love how the members of colourlovers inspire each other.
v Any thoughts/favorite quotes on the soul?


^ nah...

< sleepy as usual. but at least I'm not cold! was trying to make a new template but I can't get this to work out... so I'm gonna stop trying for now.

v wants waffles


^ I do want waffles! I'll always want waffles!
> Just ate every bit of the mashed potatoes.
v enjoys fiction


^ yes! but tomorrow morning :)

< wants an iMac but obliged to wait until the new one is in stock :(

v has already bought a valentine present


oh sorry! I took my time :)


It's okay, karnoug! We can want waffles together.


^ has no one to buy a valentines present for. Maybe I'll buy a chocolate bar for my godson.
< is going to see some RL friends in an hour or so... will be nice.
v has gone to see a live sporting event

Psycho Jello

^ has been to many. I've been to a NY Yankees game, probably 20 NY Giants games, and also a NY Knicks game.
< is current procrastinating cleaning up before we have company tomorrow.
v cat or dog person?


^ Both! And I've also been to a couple NY Yankee games.
< Dudes, no one said anything about my joke above! Funny of depressing?
v Can't ever remember jokes when attempting to tell them?


^ The be honest, I don't often tell jokes. Probably because I don't know many of them, but I liked yours :)
< It's freezing cold here and I have to go out for groceries...
v loves to watch comedies?


^ As far as movies or TV, I'm more of a fantasy, S/F, or mystery person. But if it's seeing or reading plays, I adore things like Noises Off, The Importance of Being Earnest, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
< I'm having some 'me' time today : )
v Recently went to an art gallery or exhibit.


^ no, but after seeing posts on tumblr about lots of video game related ones, I wish I could. staring at neat art irl is fun too, I'm sure.

< currently wishing I had someone irl to physically cling to for some reason... <(.__. <)

v doesn't like mice


^ Mice don't really bother me. They don't gross me out...I think they're kind of cute! The only thing I dislike is that they always catch me off guard when I see one run in my peripheral vision (and it scares the hell out of me...haha). I don't like wild mice in my house, though.

< kind of feels bad for laughing uproariously at these .gifs of kids crashing

v Loves Arrested Development? (I do)


^ You have no idea! That is one of the only show that makes me laugh until I pee all over myself! The whole cast just meshes perfectly together.
< Has a massive headache that I've had for days.
V dislikes spotty bananas


^ ugh, i HATE spotty bananas! also, hope you feel better, mei!

< has a strange craving for a fresh, crunchy apple!

V can do a cartwheel


^ would break something if she tried

< just finished folding some laundry, drinking coffee. Going out to lunch with friends in a bit. LOVES spotty bananas, by the way. Not terminally spotty ones, lightly spotty. They never get past that, because I eat them, or freeze them for banana bread.

v likes food from an outdoor fair


^ eh... not so much. except for maybe funnel cakes.

< the last thing i want to do right now is go to a furniture store

V has played basketball at some point in their lives

Psycho Jello

^ Never played it on a team. For fun in the yard w friends. :)
< is getting ready for people to show at the house and wasting time.
v loves cookies!
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