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Please check out We Love Colors graphic design contest...

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Hello Lovers!

We Love Colors is having a really cool contest right now, I wanted to share it with you, because there are really talented people here on ColourLovers. Sorry for late notice the contest ends tomorrow (Sept 10). (Please forward to whomever may be interested, this competition is open to everyone.)

Contest Information

The prizes are amazing, over $500 worth, which include a Wacom Tablet, iTunes Gift Cards, Helvetica Moleskines, Pantone Mugs, Gift Certificates, and Walls Notebooks.

For those of you that are not familiar We Love Colors is a clothing company that does all of our own textile coloration at our location in Miami, Florida. Currently over 50 colors and funky multicolored designs we call Splash Colors. We started as a family business 2002 / 2003 with me and my dad with our first employee my sister. My dad was a expert dyer that could create any color on fabric by blending together dyes by eye. He would hit the color dead on with max 3 attempts!!

Our website is:

Thank you, Craig
Founder - We Love Colors
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ValentinaWeena wrote:
I just now am getting the backstory about this issue! It is doing my heart some good to know someone is working on this issue. Dear Matt Wallington, please and thank yous to you for keeping up the work on this because it means a lot to me. I have been feeling so down about this! I'm such a loyal CL user! Knowing that you're going to take care of it helps reassure me. Updating my profile images is part of what I love to do here. I was really beginning to regret attempting to change it and really felt bad when I couldn't change it back to my old image, it's good to know it's been an issue that, I, alone, am not going through. Please keep us up to date.

Best wishes!
mattwallington wrote:
peppily wrote:
hey there! i'm having issues with my profile picture (which is why i currently don't have one anymore...... :-/) and i have a feeling it links back to the server move. every time i try to upload a new profile picture and click the button, i'm redirected to a page that says "nothing to see here!" and my profile picture doesn't change at all. i deleted my old profile picture in the settings menu, thinking that might clear up the issue, but now i can't add my old profile picture or replace it with a new one! any advice / tips / assistance is much appreciated :)

edit: just realized this has already been semi-discussed so sorry for the redundancy! also thank you to matt and chris for all of the hard work you're doing to get the site back to normal. :)

I was able to replicate this issue and have some ideas on what could be causing the issue. I will try to address those tonight.

I'm having the same issue! I'm stuck as a grey face. :'(
The issue with the "Open" button in Photocopa is back. I can't access saved palettes again.
It worked for a while after I'd first noticed and addressed this problem, but now the button is back to being unresponsive.
Posted 8 minutes ago
Seahorse Girl
Seahorse Girl
Posted 19 minutes ago

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