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Please check out We Love Colors graphic design contest...

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Hello Lovers!

We Love Colors is having a really cool contest right now, I wanted to share it with you, because there are really talented people here on ColourLovers. Sorry for late notice the contest ends tomorrow (Sept 10). (Please forward to whomever may be interested, this competition is open to everyone.)

Contest Information

The prizes are amazing, over $500 worth, which include a Wacom Tablet, iTunes Gift Cards, Helvetica Moleskines, Pantone Mugs, Gift Certificates, and Walls Notebooks.

For those of you that are not familiar We Love Colors is a clothing company that does all of our own textile coloration at our location in Miami, Florida. Currently over 50 colors and funky multicolored designs we call Splash Colors. We started as a family business 2002 / 2003 with me and my dad with our first employee my sister. My dad was a expert dyer that could create any color on fabric by blending together dyes by eye. He would hit the color dead on with max 3 attempts!!

Our website is:

Thank you, Craig
Founder - We Love Colors
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Posted 1 hour ago
A well known member dug their own grave by posting on this thread with one of their sock puppet accounts, exhibiting the same paranoid behavior as they have in the past when outted for other sock puppet accounts.
Posted 2 hours ago
... Could someone who woke up to fifty new notifications thanks to being in the same thread as this mess ask what's going on, please? :)
Posted 7 hours ago
And that standing member has displayed the same kind of behavior in the past....
Posted 8 hours ago
Isn't it curious how all of a sudden, not just jbean has been "run off", but how the accounts of three more people, who all signed up to CL at around the time that a long-standing member stopped being around (though their account still existed and some people expressed their worry about them), have been deleted an hour ago?
Unless of course they weren't four (or five?) different people at all, but ONE person who made all the accounts to troll, to harrass, to catfish?

Wouldn't that be an interesting twist?
Posted 9 hours ago
That is right. Darius has access to IP addresses for every account that has been created on CL, even if the account has been deleted or banned. Please feel free to contact him. He will give a straight up and honest answer.

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