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The Flexibility of the Fiber Laser

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Laser welding technology with its high strength, fast, low cost, good sealing and the appearance of good quality and other advantages of foreign and domestic joint ventures are widely used in the manufacture of white body, part of the enterprise to prepare the corresponding standard technology to promote. Among them, green laser light welding, laser brazing and other related technology is also the development of body manufacturing technology driven by the general application.

Laser Scanner Welding (LSW) Compared to the traditional mature laser welding technology, it is a new process of scanning and welding by using robots to control the laser. Its main advantage is that the welding speed at the same time without contact with the workpiece, you can maximize the elimination of each section of repeated welding caused by repeated non-productive time wasted, making the laser beam online time maximization, production efficiency has been greatly improved.

Fiber laser welding machine is the use of energy fiber, the laser generated by solid-state laser, through the laser coupling technology to the fiber, and then the fiber in the laser through the output mirror to the workpiece surface, to achieve the purpose of welding. The use of optical fiber transmission blue laser pointer, you can use the flexibility of the fiber, so that the laser can be arbitrary angle of the workpiece processing, to achieve a multi-dimensional flexible processing. Fiber laser on the laser energy also have a homogeneous effect, the laser spot energy can be modeled output, and the laser for homogenization, so that the laser beam quality is better to improve the quality of welding. The use of energy feedback power output energy laser can do the same spot.

Experiments show that high-brightness fiber lasers can overcome all the known problems in copper welding applications. The high power density achieves instantaneous coupling and formation of keyholes, enabling stability and high absorptivity even at 1070 nm. With a high dynamic beam swing, the welding process is very stable, thereby reducing or avoiding stomatal and splashing phenomena, resulting in high quality welds. The process parameters set for the swing of the beam enable the weld geometry to be controlled, resulting in a very shallow weld in the deep weld process. The use of long pulse quasi-continuous fiber green astronomy laser, even in a single pulse through the beam high-speed dynamic movement to complete the spot welding. In this way, high-quality welds can be created by increasing the pulse at a very low average power.

Compared to electronics, semiconductors and other industries, the laser industry is relatively small, 2016 global laser market size of 10.4 billion US dollars, is expected to grow to 11.1 billion US dollars in 2017. Obviously, the laser industry seems to be somewhat insignificant from the market scale; but the application of laser technology is almost able to cover all areas of production and life, from automobile manufacturing, power batteries, to mobile phone manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment and even defense And so almost all of the areas we can think of are active in the laser figure; and for many industries, 500mw green laser technology has become an indispensable support technology.
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