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HELP with researching artist Attiya Hussein

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I've just bought a painting and I want to find out about the artist and the context. I can't find anything through a Google search.

All I know: The artist is Attiya Hussein, and I believe he/she is Egyptian (maybe Cairo specifically). The painting is dated 1985, so fairly contemporary.

If you know anything about contemporary Egyptian art -- or anyone who knows -- please tell me and also spread the word. THANK YOU!

This is my painting:
The Rooster's Tale
I think she is Indian

حسين عطية
yeah Egyptian I guess.

Try using this as keyword

لوحة عطية حسين

I found a book about contemporary art in the Arab land, will not read it thou :-)لوحة+عطية+حسين&source=bl&ots=VcLfX-hgFF&sig=acpDibmZ1JDaaY6WnuC74zTUd1A&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=لوحة%20عطية%20حسين&f=false
I can ask my Egyptian friend on Facebook :-) if I find something, I'll post here.
What a cool piece!
My friend does not know =(

anyway it is pretty cool, love it too =) Just weird proportions I guess.
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