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List of Spam Accounts

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The irony of spamming about spammers...
Is anything being done at this point about the spam situation? I dont think any of the spammers listed recently have been removed.
Is everything going well with the admin? Please keep us updated.
There hasn't been a blog post for quite some time either.
That, and the fact that no one is removing the spammers posted here, I'd say admins have deserted us again and we seem to be back to struggling alone.

Matt is also not around any more I'm afraid.
I sent him a message about an issue I have been having months ago, he told me he'd look into it, and then nothing since. :(
I sent a message to Darius and didn't get a response. This is totally uncharacteristic. Crossing my fingers that he is just very busy at the moment planning something awesome for us (like an ice cream dispenser with free, all-you-can-eat soft serve in 40 flavors)

Let's hope we are wrong, but I, too, have a feeling that we are back to dealing with things on our own. -_-
AMANDA WALSH spammed a pattern of mine. I asked her to remove it since I could not. She ignored this request so I opted to delete the pattern.
Is there a point to listing them here anymore?
Sorry Lilith, we cross posted, yes I suppose I'm living in hope that this site hasn't been completely & permanently abandoned.
It's fine, Ginny. :) I'm frustrated about the situation and blowing off steam.
Much of this dilemma we are facing here at CL could be prevented if Darius would create a team of community moderators who would delete the spam as it comes up...
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