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List of Spam Accounts

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Lilith: These seem to be real people who are spamming now rather than spambots. I got irritated the other day and yelled at one of them, thinking they were a bot...and got a response. Plus their behavior isn't like spambots. Someone is paying these people to smear the site with spam.

For example:

Going around and posting on already wiped palettes and colors. That kind of thing.

I really wish all the colors spammers find would go back to being unlisted so we can claim them and give them nice names.


REALLY tempted to tell them all to voetsek...

God, I wish they would just leave.

Do they actually think anyone will click on their links? Who the hell are they marketing to? Just a huge waste of time and effort. I wish they'd either pay for ads like any legitimate business would or just move to somewhere else, ugh.
I totally agree with you, Souldew98.
Those people should really understand that their marketing strategy is completely useless and just give up. It doesn’t seem to happen though.

Some new and active spammers from today:
New spammers active today:

...and some other recently used spam-accounts:
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