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Don't feed the trolls, please.

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I feel the same and I have so much hate against who ever is doing this. Let's just say if I found out who this was and I were to run in to them in real life, they would not have a good day. I just try very hard not to be negative online. I don't want to hurt anyone. Luckily I have been notified about what is going on and that it will be stopped soon. That is all in going to say.


Well, it looks like the site is finally back up and running, at least. One little positive thing.

But I'm hopping on my Sarcasm Saddle here because I still have plenty of salt to spill.

I think I've arrived at a solution: go to the servers, light some sage* and cleanse the whole room, because I'm really starting to think this site is cursed or something.

*Not quite sure if it would actually just fry the servers instead.

But in all seriousness, there isn't just a spammer problem with this site: there's a people problem. I don't think I'll ever understand why such horrible people are attracted to this site...and I don't think I want to. There are people on here who really should be banned forever, and it's a bit disappointing to see the lack of management and appropriate punishment. If any of these people did these things in real life, they would face the consequences of their actions, but apparently on the Internet all common decency is kicked to the curb and rudeness, hatred and even threats are the norm. It's sad to think that people actually think that their actions don't hurt real people. Somehow having masks to hide behind brings out the very worst and true natures of people.

This is not a platform for hatred and disrespect. This is not a free-for-all advertising site. This is not a social media service.

This is a site about colors and people who enjoy them.

This is the last place I ever would have expected to find the scum of the earth, yet here they are.

Back to the Sarcasm're really improving my faith in humanity, Internet jerks. In fact, I think I'm getting a clearer picture of the depths of depravity every day. Thanks for shattering my inherent trust in others.

And Clearcreek...sorry, but you and what army? What do you mean by "it will be stopped soon"? Are you the secret Internet police or something? You're coming off as being awfully pretentious. None of us have been able to stop this mess, so I don't see how you'll find a way to magically fix it.

*rides horse off into the sunset*

Seems like a fitting ending to this rant.


Not me, the founders of this site. Like you said, none of us know how to fix this. I just know the people running the site will fix it. They said so.

Lilith underground

You were talking of the server, correct? I am talking about the people issue soul dew mentioned. I am beyond sick of dealing with it...

clearcreek6 wrote:
I feel the same and I have so much hate against who ever is doing this. Let's just say if I found out who this was and I were to run in to them in real life, they would not have a good day. I just try very hard not to be negative online. I don't want to hurt anyone. Luckily I have been notified about what is going on and that it will be stopped soon. That is all in going to say.


Yes. But again, yes, it is very annoying.

Lilith underground

Updated: the sockpuppets just keep'a comin'


The many incarnations of "Caroline"
Licorice104 - "Caroline", actively ripped off other people's art. Still on ColorBuffs as Caroline. She has violated the rules of CB and created a second account as Oddly. This persona rips people off as well:
Wintermoods - "Carly", harassed a new member until they left.
The whole mess can be read here:
SkimmerSky - "Ennio", on this account, she actively catfished a female member into falling in love with this male persona. Once decided to "steal" my profile picture and use it to make a palette, then claimed that it was just a coincidence.
Jbean - "Jim" catfished the same female member. Tended to go batshit for no reason.
Pink Ruby
(All of the above accounts, minus Wintermoods, were deleted at the same time when "SkimmerSky" was called out as Caroline here.)
OrgasmicArt - "Charlie", deleted a few days ago when confronted about the fact that she were using the profile pic from my old account and using a name similar to OrigamiMei, but, again, it was just a coincidence

Currently Active
Jadore vie
La Belle Époque™

Without a doubt, "Caroline" is behind all accounts listed above.
A couple of other "members" are suspicious-looking but no concrete proof has surfaced (yet) showing that "Caroline" is behind those accounts.

Some common characteristics among accounts and profiles
- Profile pictures of people who have been edited (overlays, filters, etc.) in a way to make them untraceable on image searches.
- Detailed personal descriptions in profiles, but this isn't always the case.
- Quotes in the profile. Lots and lots and lots of quotes. Especially sappy, art- and love-related quotes.
- Misuse of 's and seeming inability to distinguish between to and too.
- Over-familiarity with the site and other members, for someone who claims to be new.
- Extreme paranoia.
- Gifs, typically of the tacky variety.
- Loving and commenting excessively on older palettes and patterns, especially those created by certain members who are most likely their sock puppet accounts.
- Creates poetry and storytelling palettes in attempt to "speak" to people they feel are persecuting them.
- Often sends love notes to anyone who will listen in an attempt to make people think they're being bullied/persecuted/harmed in some way when, in fact, that isn't the case.
- Pretty much anything you can envision an attention addict doing.
- Copies orher people's work but changes colors in subtle ways so that the hex codes arent exactly the same but it is stll obvious that they are attempting to rip off someone else's work. Basically cheap knock-offs of the art they profess to love so deeply.
- Loves to be a victim. They seem to revel in the role.
- Goes completely wonky when confronted.

The reasons for posting this
1. I got my ass blasted the last time I had information like this and didn't share. The Hana drama taught me my lesson.
2. It's ridiculous and insane. Not even going to sugarcoat it. Unless this person has a genuine mental disorder, they have to be a troll.

Lilith underground

I am going to ask a certain someone nicely to please not rip off people's work (and I know they are reading this.) If there is any decency left, please do the respectful thing and at least leave an "inspired by" in the pattern description.

Lilith underground

Exciting and exciting movies? I dont know if I could stand that much excitement.
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Posted 10 hours ago
There's none. And when I type none, I mean zero. Literally. We have no moderators or anything else. We've had a free-for-all here for a long time. Welcome to our lovely community.

This inability to do anything on the site, including commenting on profiles, is getting more annoying by the day. x_x

oneflowerchild wrote:
I too hope it gets fixed soon. I can only assume there is not much monitoring going on here at this site if any at all.
Posted 11 hours ago
The ads are pretty gross and you can't "Adblock" them. I'm especially angry to have them jammed into all the profiles and creations. The ones I see today are "Naughty Date", "Jackpot Secrets" and one headlined "UK men, don't watch this video at work" with a photo of a women sticking out her bum -- real lowlife stuff. Embarassing to have to be in that company. :-P
Posted 14 hours ago

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