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How Did You First Find CL?

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(on twitter too!) lol


twitter now i can color it wish i can color my facebook


Google brought me here. +)


I was invited my my daughter!


I was looking up some pictures of Bjork (singer) on Google Image search. One of the the pictures I came upon was from a blog post on this site. And thus the love began. c;


Twitter also...bascially it was the Themeleon : )


i was brought here by twitter as well. i wanted to have a cool back ground and i tried to create one and upon a sudden i was placed in COLOURlovers


just got me a twitter account @KristyBess7 looking to meet some friends and have a great time... lol


I have a laptop so it was hard to change my background. I saw that there was this thing called Themeleon so I tried it!


A friend, web designer, living in Saint-Martin talk to me about color ressources yesterday. We drank a "ti-punch" just in front of the saint-françois lagoon in Guadeloupe.
it's that easy :)


My daughter, gjack.


Google is my friend. Thats why i found it!


The same for me. I'd love to know who's back ground I have on my profile
lexacharlotte wrote:
Twitter brought me here as i was trying to update my profile! Follow me!


The wig hexcode identifying people from Subeta advertised their group there, and I figured I might as well help with uploading some codes too! c:


I was pointed here by my web design teacher.


a theme maker i follow on tumblr used a palette from here in a tutorial of hers and i became interested in the site. I lurked around and finally decided to join a few months later.


My friend's website links to this beautiful website and once I visted it, I really love it.

Alisa Overland

I saw Seamless textures at Second life, then I wanted to buy Seamless studio and when I bought I joined here same time :)


as i was looking for some designs for my power point presentation
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