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How Did You First Find CL?

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I'm another one who found it by accident while on Twitter looking at something else. I saw an option to decorate my Twitter page which led me to CL and I've been here ever since happily making templates, making shapes, coloring, giving love to fellow members and generally having so much fun I hardly ever sign out. That was in November 2011 and it hasn't wore off even a tiny bit. Colour Lovers Rule!

luis ureña

Oh a friend:3 told me about it, and i loved it.

Islandtile inc.

I agree, helps with the calming process.


A friend on IMVU told me about it. We both are developers there. I think I had commended her on a color palette she used for a creation and she said she created it here.


I found this site on Tumblr not too long ago.


A friend of mine instructed me to get involved to help with a game we're making and I must admit it's both addictive and relaxing. Absolutely love it :)


We are about to move into a gorgeous home and the hubby shot down my color scheme idea for our kitchen (red/turq) so I Googled 'color palette generator' and the results led me here. I am totally smitten and my 8 year old daughter loves Colour Lovers as well!


EmpressPurl wrote:
We are about to move into a gorgeous home and the hubby shot down my color scheme idea for our kitchen (red/turq)

My kitchen is red/turquoise and I LOVE it! Good plates that would go with that scheme is Chirp which is what we have.

Would he settle for turquoise walls and red kitchen items?

Show him this picture! Show him how well those colors go together! He might change his mind.


Beautiful!! Thank you Sundancer! :)


EmpressPurl wrote:
Beautiful!! Thank you Sundancer! :)

You're welcome. Also, Check out these!


I was on my Twitter account and looking for a more exciting, imaginative background that the defaults included. I found themeleon which lead to colourlovers. I think it's genius!
: )


Twitter; it was link to the option when you want to jazz up your page design.


I found it while on Twitter and am so happy that I did! Love this :)


I was looking at a blogging tutorial and they talked about choosing a palette from here so I checked it regrets xx


I first discovered COLOUR LOVERS at their
LAUNCH PARTY in Portland, Oregon.
I was lucky enough to meet the founder,
Darius A. MONSEF IV.

Islandtile inc.

That must have been a very cool experience, I am sure you met some interesting



Twitter. On Themeleon.


I downloaded the pattern wallpaper app from the Android market before it changed to Google play store.. So glad I did. I love the whole website and especially the loving community that came with it.


I say: It's amazing!
And after did my logon for know webiste.
I loving!


Twitter brought me here as i was trying to update my profile! Follow me!
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Posted 44 minutes ago
Ah ha!!!! When I go to make a shape, it is saving as a template and not as a shape!
Posted 1 hour ago
Thanks eighteyed!

Well, interesting. I did make a shape but then it did not show up in my shapes in Seamless Lite. I will have to look again. I've noticed it takes quite some time for my recent patterns to populate into the area where you can choose to make a template so maybe there is a wait for the shapes to show up.

I sure wish I had a copy of Seamless Studio. I had a copy when they first made it but then didn't get the new one and then was off the site for a very long time and I don't think I can get it anymore. Sigh.
Posted 1 hour ago
Posted 1 hour ago
Posted 1 hour ago

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