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How Did You First Find CL?

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I was doing some design work and was stumped on what color combinations to use, so I did a google search and found this site. So glad I did.


I must have used key word web design in


From Jessedee's ( tips on selecting colors for presentations.

Zhenya Ranetka

a friend told me about CL.:)


I was totally Googling colors of stuff like "Copper", and this page came up... Then I used this page to find other 'uncommon' colors I was looking for like, Iron, Silver, Gold, Etc...

and then I fell in Love.

And made an Account.



I found CL through an online university I was attending over a year ago. I do have one question how do you Follow others on here?

goldenraindrop layouts use these patterns for backgrounds, which was copyrighted here so I searched it and here I am!


I was trying to customize my twitter page's background. I clicked on the link and here I am! :)


we used it for a web design class and i fell in love.


I found out by twitter...Has got to be the best thing ever :D


I found it on Twitter :) love it !


Omg :D meeeee too marciamellotaco wrote:
I found it on Twitter :) love it !


I found this via a post on Apartment Therapy. I'm so happy I found it. I feel like I can speak in a language that others understand. This site has/is so therapeutic for me.


Yeah me too. So radical, no?


:D I think the same Terr


It's been long enough ago that I can't even remember how I found it.


I found it looking for some branding color inspiration and for a color wheel or program to translate my design ideas to my programmer husband so that we could share creative direction on our projects...I found all that plus a whole lot more on Colourlovers. I am soo stoked about this site and thought that I was already easily distracted by my Pinterest obsession but now I am torn and go back and forth all the time between here and there! At least here I am able to justify my time as "working"


I actually found the cl twitter first and then went from there.
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Luna Rosa
Luna Rosa
Posted 1 hour ago
News Flash: Sponsorship Working!

Go Luna, it's your birthday, gonna party like it's your birthday...

Ok, so it isn't really my birthday but it sure feels like it. On a whim I thought I'd give paying for sponsorship another go and it actually worked - instantly - no problemo!
For the record, I used Safari this time and Chrome last time but I highly doubt the browser change had anything to do with it. More likely I just got lucky or - dare we dream - the problem has now been fixed.

Best of luck to anyone else willing to try this and thankyou to everyone who has supported me on my journey through the wilderness. Big thanks also to whoever the wonderful worker bee was that fixed the glitch. It is very much appreciated.

Colour on my friends!

Peace, Luna:)
Posted 2 hours ago
Posted 6 hours ago
P i a *

Posted 8 hours ago
M00nSlippers wrote:
JustPerfectColor, is the issue not obvious? I really have to 'quantify' this for you?


And congrats on the glitch - it couldn't have happened to a prettier palette. )
Janneke Douma
Janneke Douma
Posted 9 hours ago
Thank you so much for taking the trouble answering me, now I can take my colour experiments to a higher level!
Kind regards, Janneke

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